In order to ensure everyone's safety, never block access to any hydrant, valve, or other fixture that's connected to the City of Port Moody's water system. Please see our Fire Prevention and Emergency Response Bylaw for more information. 

Hydrant Clearance and Visibility

hydrant clearancePlease follow our Hydrant Clearance Guide and make sure that a hydrant has clearances of:

  • one metre (3 foot) radius
  • two metre (7 foot) vertical from the base
  • half a metre from the base to the large round cap located in the center of the hydrant

Please also consider that hydrants should be visible from both directions of road travel and there should be a path from the front (Large Port) of the hydrant to the roadway.

Hydrant Use Permits

Please complete our Hydrant Use Permit application and email us for approval.

We will review your information contact you to approve or reject the application, and provide details on how to receive the permit and pay all required fees and deposits. Please note that there are no refunds to credit cards or debit cards. Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for approval.

Hydrant Flow Tests

Hydrant flow tests must be witnessed by City of Port Moody personnel. Please provide 48hrs notice to schedule a flow test. Flow test equipment will not be supplied by the City. Hydrant locations must match the application permit, otherwise a new permit must be issued. Please complete our Hydrant Flow Test Only application and email us for approval.

Deposit refund

After we've completed an inspection, we will process your refund.

You can choose your method of payment for the refund:

  • EFT – Electronic Funds Transfer and providing us with a void cheque
  • City of Port Moody Cheque, which you can pick up at City Hall
  • City of Port Moody Cheque, which we can mail out to you

You must contact us to let us know that the hydrant use has been completed.

Access Use Permits

Areas like walkways, access roads, City owned properties, and unopened road right-of-ways may be available for access on a permitted basis. In order to gain access to these areas, which are typically gated or temporarily block, you must apply for a Request for Access Use Permit.