The City of Port Moody collects green waste every week for disposal at Surrey Biofuel Facility, City of Surrey.

View the 2024 Waste Collection Schedule. On your collection day, place your bin at the curb between 5:30 and 7:30am.  The lid on your cart needs to shut completely and make sure to unclip your bear locks.

Contact us by email or call 604-469-4574 if you have questions about your carts or collection. 

No plastic bags icon   No plastic bags should go in your green waste cart, including those labelled "compostable" or "biodegradable". 

Items that can go in your green cart

You can place the following in your green waste cart:

  • food waste
  • coffee grounds and filters
  • dairy and eggshells
  • food-soiled papers like paper plates, paper towels paper straws and napkins
  • fruits and vegetables
  • meat, fish, bones, and seafood shells
  • oil, butter, sauce, and dressing
  • foil soiled pizza boxes
  • tea bags and leaves
  • house plants (no dirt), leaves, weeds, flowers
  • grass, tree and hedge clippings
  • branches up to 4” round

Lost or damaged cart

Please send us an email or call 604-469-4574 to report a lost or damaged green waste cart.

Storing food waste

Over 60% of household food waste in Canada is avoidable. Learn how to make the most of the food we love by visiting

Use a lidded metal, plastic, or ceramic container to store your food waste. You can store it under your sink or another convenient place in your kitchen. Empty the container into your green waste cart.

Examples of containers include:

  • large margarine, ice cream or potato salad tubs
  • five gallon buckets
  • Paper food waste bags or compostable paper bins

You can also wrap your food waste in paper and store it your refrigerator or freezer until your collection day.

Keeping your cart clean

Line the green waste cart with a large paper kraft bag (available at local hardware stores) or layer newspaper at the bottom on your green bin. You can also wrap food scraps in newspaper, paper bags, or used paper towels before adding them to your green waste cart. You may choose not to use a liner at all but you will need to rinse your cart out more frequently. You can layer your food scraps in with your yard waste if you have it.

Rinse your green waste cart every so often with a mild detergent or water and vinegar solution, which also helps to get rid of any odours, fruit flies or maggots.

Keeping bears away

You can keep bears away from your green waste by keeping your cart in a secure location. Do not unclip your bear locks or put your cart at the curb before 5:30am on your collection day.

Freeze food waste that is smelly, and eat foods that have stronger smells the day before collection day. Learn more about wildlife safety and the bear essentials in Port Moody.

Request an additional green waste cart

Home owners can apply online to request additional green carts. Call 604-469-4574 for additional information. Pro-rated charges will be applied to your utility bill.

Request additional green cart

 Yard waste

Take large amounts of yard waste to the United Boulevard Recycling And Waste Centre
*Minimum Fee $15.00.  The Transfer Station does not accept food waste. 

Christmas trees must be cut to fit into your green bin.  Take your tree to the Inlet Centre Fire Hall the first weekend in January for chipping (Event is by donation).

 Braille decals

Contact us if you'd to request braille decals for your green waste, recycling, and garbage carts. We'll put them on your carts at no charge. 

Each decal is labelled as:

  • G: garbage
  • R: recycling
  • O: organics (green waste)


Composting reduces green waste to nutrient-rich soil that you can add to lawns, gardens, and planters. 

Green waste collection for businesses 

We'll provide you with a cart and take away your green waste on a weekly basis. Please complete our form to apply. Contact us or call 604-469-4742 for more information.

Our low annual fee will help to reduce your overall waste disposal costs. The property owner must approve your request as fees are added to the annual utility bill.