The City of Port Moody collects non-refundable glass at the curb every month. Rinse containers before putting them in your bin. You only need to put out your bin when it’s full.

View the 2024 Waste Collection Schedule. On your collection day, place your bin at the curb between 5:30 and 7:30am. 

Please do not put the following items in your glass cart:

  • lids - put these in your recycling cart
  • refundable glass - take this back to a depot for your refund
  • plastic bags - put glass loose in your bin
  • broken dishes, glasses, windows, ceramics or mirrors - place these into your garbage cart.

Contact us by email or call 604-469-4574 if you have questions about your carts or collection. 

Please place your bin so it’s the first thing our driver sees when approaching your house.

Lost or damaged glass bins

Please send us an email or call 604-469-4574 to report a lost or damaged glass bin. 

Refundable glass

Refundable beverage containers are part of the Return-It system, and should go back to the depot. You are charged a deposit when you buy containers in refundable packaging. These deposits are returned in full when you bring back the empty container for recycling. Deposits are set through government legislation.

Deposits are applied to many beverage container such as:

  • Wine, beer and liquor bottles
  • Pop and juice bottles
  • Aluminum cans
  • Juice cartons, boxes, pouches
  • Wine bag-in-a-box containers