Based on your building's use or occupancy type, a fire safety plan could be required by our Fire Protection and Emergency Response Bylaw 2835 (Section 19) and the British Columbia Fire Code Section 2.8.2. We use your fire safety plan to create a pre-incident plan, which allows us to make quick and precise decisions that can save lives.

Creating your fire safety plan

Make sure that your plan follows our Fire Safety Plan Guidelines, which details all requirements.

In addition to the fire safety plan, you must include:

  1. pre-incident site and floor plans;
  2. construction and demolition fire safety plans; and
  3. install a "Knox Fire Safety Plan Box 1301" Fire Safety Plan Box Knox 1301. You must install a fire safety plan box that's labelled “Fire Safety Plan” on the front. Contact us if you have any questions about where to install your fire safety plan box.

There is a $100 fee (tax included) for us to review your fire safety plan.

Pre-incident site and floor plans

You must send us your pre-incident site and floor plans as a PDF. Pre-incident plans help us to make quick decisions in an emergency.

Construction and demolition fire safety plans

Port Moody Fire Rescue has always been proactive in identifying specific requirements for commercial occupancies to ensure safety and consistency.

Mid-rise wood frame construction

Port Moody Fire Rescue performs weekly inspections when the structure reaches the 3rd floor until the building sprinklers are active. There is a $100 fee per inspection. If any deficiencies are noted, a follow-up inspection will be performed at an acceptable frequency for the level of hazard.