The City of Port Moody has set up red bins for dog waste throughout the city as part of our dog waste collection program. View our dog waste bin map, which shows the locations of our bins.

Dog waste bins are available at:

  • Bert Flinn Park (Top of Hett Creek Walk way)
  • Klahanie Dr. and Nootka
  • Rocky Point off leash Dog Park
  • Shoreline Trail (Behind Trasolini Field)
  • Westhill Park (Entrance to Alfred Howe Greenway)

We take the dog waste to the Iona Island wastewater treatment plant. Our goal is to limit the amount of dog waste that goes to a landfill. When in the landfill, dog waste produces methane as it breaks down, which is a greenhouse gas. Dog waste is better dealt with at a wastewater treatment plant.