The City of Port Moody currently hosts two types of digital displays -  the Pattison billboards and the Newport Digital Sign. The Pattison billboards are located at the east and west entry points to the city. Port Moody businesses, non-profits, and community groups receive a 20 per cent discount on advertising.

The Newport Digital Sign is located at the corner of Ioco Road and Newport Drive, and displays information of interest to the community. The information is provided by the City, Inlet Theatre renters, local non-profit organizations, and community-oriented special event organizers.

Find details on each display below.

Pattison Digital Billboards

The City has a 25-year revenue sharing agreement with Pattison Outdoor Advertising for digital billboards at two locations.

Port Moody businesses, non-profits, and community groups receive a 20 per cent discount on advertising. For advertising inquiries, please contact Jody Gooselaw, retail sales manager for Pattison Outdoor Advertising, at 604-235-2722 or cell number at 604-505-7896.


Digital billboard locations map

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Newport Digital Sign

Local non-profit organizations or community event organizers may request space on the digital sign up to four times per year. If you have community information to share, please complete our Newport Digital Sign Request Form. Requests must be submitted a minimum of four weeks in advance of the first date requested. A maximum of three spots are allocated to local non-profits and community event organizers, and requests are reviewed in the order they are received.

A business strata (or a group of businesses) may request space to promote a free public event if the event is not related to sales.

The following types of messages are not permitted on the Newport Digital Sign:

  • paid or commercial advertising;
  • religious messages not related to promoting a specific event rental at Inlet Theatre;
  • political messages unless it is for the purpose of promoting voting in a government election or attending an all-candidates debate for a government election (promotion of public attendance for a political event is permitted if the event is held in the Inlet Theatre/Galleria as a paid rental); and
  • messages that promote a particular opinion, viewpoint, or cause.

Image content

Images must be received by the City a minimum of two weeks prior to the first date requested, and will be posted for no longer than a two-week period.

To be accepted, an image must meet the following specifications:

  • format - must be an uncompressed RGB jpeg or png file 
  • image size - 640 x 384 pixels (96 dpi)
  • font size - between 40 and 60 points

Content that may be considered offensive or inappropriate will not be accepted, and animation, videos or QR codes are not permitted. The City reserves the right to decline a request to post a message or to alter the posting period if necessary.

Newport digital sign examples

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