We are committed to providing residents and businesses with access to clean and dependable drinking water. The Cross Connection Control (CCC) Program aims to protect our drinking water from contamination by requiring City-owned facilities, Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) properties and select multi-residential properties to follow best practices and standards to prevent backflow (i.e. contaminated or polluted water flowing backwards into the water supply system). 

As required by The Provincial Health Services Authority, we need to meet specific standards to protect the public water system. 

A property that has been identified by the City as a risk must, at the owner’s sole expense and within 30 days, arrange to have a backflow preventer installed and tested at an approved location.

Additional information about our Cross Connection Control Program is available through the Cross Connection Control Standards.

Backflow Device Annual Testing

Premise Isolation backflow prevention devices must be tested annually to ensure that they continue to function properly as required by the City’s Water Supply and Distribution Bylaw. In-premise devices should be tested annually as per B64.10-11/B64.10.1-11 (manual for selection and installation of backflow preventers/maintenance and field testing of backflow preventers), but the results are not required by the City. 

Backflow device annual testing must be performed by a tester with the following current valid certifications:

  • City of Port Moody business license
  • Testing kit with current calibration
  • BCWWA backflow testing certification

We will not accept a test from someone who is not certified.

Test reports will be submitted online to the City’s contractor, BSI Online. Certified testers can register with BSI Online by following the steps in the Tester Introduction Brochure.

  • For existing registered backflow devices, online submission of reports through BSI Online will be required. Paper test forms for registered devices will be no longer be accepted by the City.
  • For unregistered or newly installed premise isolation devices, we will require a Device Registration Form to be completed and submitted to the City.
Installation / Removal of Backflow Devices
Property owners must submit test reports for any backflow prevention device classified for Premise Isolation as outlined below:
  • New device installations - new backflow preventers must be inspected and tested when installed and the Device Registration Form to be completed and submitted to the City.
  • Other - if a device is relocated, repaired, replaced or if other parts of the system have been altered, the device must be tested immediately, even if the device is not yet due for annual testing and the replacement must be entered into BSI Online with the new test results.

For devices which are being removed, the City will require a Backflow Device Removal Verification to be completed and submitted to the City. Upon acceptance of the form, we will remove record of the device and will not issue further notifications for testing.

You must submit test reports to the BSI Online within 30 days of each backflow preventer test and inspection.

The backflow test report fee is collected through BSI Online at the time of submission of the test report. Current fees for submission of a Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Report are outlined in the most current Fees Bylaw.

For more information on our Cross Connection Control Program, please email backflowprevention@portmoody.ca.