Step 1: Go to

Read the welcome message and then click “Continue.”

sign in to

Step 2: Set up your myPortMoody profile or log in to your existing account.

Below the log-in fields, you’ll see “Click here to register for a myPortMoody profile.” 

sign in

After you click, please complete the "Profile Registration" form.

If you already have a myPortMoody profile, you can skip this step and log in as you normally would.

register a profile

Step 3: Register a dog licence account.

Once you have set up your profile or signed in, you'll be able to see any accounts you have previously registered as well as the option to "Edit Accounts."

To register a dog licence account, click "Edit Accounts."

edit accounts

Next, click "Register a Dog Account."

register a dog account

Step 4: Provide your account number and access code. 
Your dog licence account number and access code can be found on your previous dog licence invoice.

If you do not have an invoice, please call us at 604-469-4541 and we’ll provide you with your account information. 

account information

Step 5: Sign up for eBilling.

To receive your renewal notices via email, select “Yes” in response to the question, “Subscribe to eBilling?”
Please note we no longer mail out paper renewal notices.

After you’ve created a dog licence account, you’ll be able to view your invoice and pay it online (you’ll be directed to to make a credit card payment). You can also pay by cash, cheque, debit, or credit in person at City Hall (100 Newport Drive). Your prompt payment is appreciated. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any myPortMoody inquiries. Send us an email at or give us a call at 604-469-4541. We look forward to serving you better with our online services. Thank you.