2024 Community Grants Program 

This program provides financial assistance to community groups and non-profit organizations that contribute to the general interest and benefit of local residents and businesses.

To be eligible for consideration, an application must meet the qualifications outlined in the City’s Community Grants Program policy. The application process will open on December 13, 2023 and the deadline to apply for a grant is midnight, January 31, 2024. 

This year, there are three separate streams to choose from (limit of one application per group/organization):

  1. If you are a Port Moody-based artist needing financial assistance completing a project, preparing for an exhibition, or reaching the next level in your career, please select the Artist Grant Program.
  2. If you are a Port Moody-based arts, culture, or heritage organization, please select the Arts, Culture, and Heritage Grant Program.
  3. All other applicants, please select the Community Grants Program.


A Council advisory group will review eligible applications and make recommendations to Council, who will approve all final awards. The Council advisory group will use the following principles to determine funding allocations:

  • availability of funds budgeted for grants and donations;
  • how you will address a need in the community;
  • which City goals and objectives are met;
  • the promotion of well-being and quality of life of Port Moody residents;
  • the degree to which funding will be used for the community as a whole;
  • applying for other sources of funding;
  • how funds will be used in Port Moody;
  • your organization's needs;
  • supports equity, diversity, inclusion, and reconciliation initiatives;
  • volunteer involvement;
  • fostering community spirit;
  • accessibility; and
  • the contribution to arts, culture, and heritage in the community (Artist Grant Program and Arts, Culture, and Heritage Grant Program only).

If you have questions about the Community Grants Program, please contact our Community Grants Coordinator at communitygrants@portmoody.ca.

Grant Program funding recipients

Running a large event? If you're looking for financial support for a large festival or special event in Port Moody, please see our Festival and Special Event Assistance program.