The City of Port Moody issues a variety of licences and permits.

Access Use permit applications

Please send us a completed Access Use permit application to apply. We'll review your information and contact you with next steps. Please allow a minimum of 48 hours for approval.

Building permit applications

Please complete your Building Permit application before you apply. You can use our application checklists, building guides, and bulletins to help you through the process. 

Business licences and permits

Starting or running a business in Port Moody? Make sure that you have the proper business licences and permits. You can renew your business licence online. Discover the advantages of filming in Port Moody. We'll help you through the process and ensure that your next production is a success.

Development applications

Learn which development applications you'll need for your next project. Make sure to review our Official Community Plan and Zoning bylaw before you apply.

Dog licences

All dogs four months and older in Port Moody need a dog licence. Learn how to apply and how you can renew your dog licence online.


Planning on hosting a Festival & Special Event? You'll need to fill out a New festival or event application or Existing festival or event application.  Looking to have a gathering in your neighbourhood then the Application to Host a Block Party is the right application for you.

Grants and financial assistance

We have grants and financial assistance available to artists, groups and non-profit organizations that contribute and benefit our community.

Highway Use permit

Make sure to apply for a Highway Use permit if your project disrupts the normal flow of traffic or affects parking, sidewalk, or bike path access.

Hydrant Use application

You must have a Hydrant Use permit to draw water from a City fire hydrant. Our Hydrants page has all of the information and links to hydrant permits

Marriage licences

You can apply for a Marriage Licence from the Government of British Columbia and search for an issuer in your area.

Parking permits

Live in a multi-family residential area near Inlet Centre Station or Moody Centre Station? You can apply for a parking permit through our Multi-Family Residential Parking Permit Program.

Sign permits

Installing a permanent sign? Please complete a sign permit application, which includes all requirements. If you're not the property owner, make sure to include their authorization.  If you're looking to promote an event, check out the Cultural Event Sign Permit Application and/or Moody Street Overpass Banner Permit.

Tree removal permits

The City's Tree Protection Bylaw provides policies for tree removal and outlines when you need a tree removal permit. See Tree Removal Permits for more information on tree removal requirements and to submit an application.