The City of Port Moody is committed to enhancing the well-being of both pedestrians and motorists in Suter Brook Village. After listening to residents’ concerns about traffic and public space issues in Suter Brook Village, City staff prepared the Suter Brook Village Traffic and Public Space Implementation Plan, which was presented to City Council in December 2019. The implementation plan included traffic-related improvements such as new loading zone designations on Morrissey Road and a one-way traffic pilot for Brew Street between Morrissey Road and Capilano Road.

The new loading zone designations were implemented in June 2021, though the implementation of the one-way traffic pilot was delayed amid overlapping challenges of the pandemic, materials shortages, and inclement weather.

During that delay, City staff gathered more feedback from the community and collaborated with the developer of Suter Brook Village on an updated traffic management plan to include more measures that prioritize pedestrians and slow vehicle traffic.

The Suter Brook Village Traffic Calming Plan was presented to City Council in May 2022 and starting February 2023 a one-way traffic change was piloted for Brew Street. On behalf of the City, a consultant monitored the temporary measures and made the following observations:

  • pedestrians experienced enhanced safety and convenience while crossing Suter Brook Way, resulting in a decrease in near-miss incidents involving vehicles;
  • the 90-degree bend on Brew Street witnessed reduced pick-up and drop-off activities by vehicles;
  • motorists found it easier to navigate around delivery trucks
  • drivers tended to adhere to appropriate speed limits, promoting overall road safety

Read the complete Brew Street Traffic Monitoring Report

Council endorsed staff's recommendation to permanently convert Brew Street to one-way  traffic at the April 25, 2023, Regular Council Meeting. Supported by the City, the developer, Onni, will be implementing various traffic measures to facilitate this change.

Brew Street change to one-way traffic

As part of the broader traffic calming plan for the neighborhood, additional initiatives will be undertaken, including:

  • extending the median on Murray Street to prohibit left turns into Suter Brook Village.
  • removing right-turn channels at the intersections of Murray and Morrisey, promoting slower vehicle entry and exit from the neighborhood
  • elevating the intersections along Morrisey Road at Brew Street, Suter Brook Way, and Capilano Way, as well as at the intersection of Brew Street and Suter Brook Way.
  • constructing raised crosswalks
  • improved lighting

The map below shows the upcoming traffic calming changes to the neighborhood.

Suterbrook traffic calming map


If you have questions or feedback on Brew Street one-way traffic or the overall traffic calming plan, please contact our engineering staff: