About the Plan

The 2019-2022 Strategic Plan provides a framework for the decisions Council will make, and guides our approach for delivering services to our community. 

Council’s vision: Port Moody, City of the Arts, renowned for our amazing quality of life. We are an inclusive, resilient, and economically vibrant seaside city that leads in environmental protection, fosters creativity and innovation, and is rooted in nature and loved for our community spirit. 

Council’s mission: To lead change and embrace growth that enhances our quality of life, and to provide Port Moody with excellent services and a sound financial future.  

Strategic Priorities 

The City’s seven core values are transparency, integrity, respect, compassion, resilience, innovation, and inclusivity. These values will guide Council and City staff as they focus on the following five strategic priorities:

Exceptional service icon   Exceptional Service
Provide exceptional service to our residents, businesses, and stakeholders, by encouraging open communication, partnerships, and a ‘can do attitude’.
Woman helping man at counter
Ensure our customers are highly satisfied with the quality of our service.
  • Commit to a high and consistent standard of service

  • Review customer processes on a regular basis to improve accuracy and efficiency, and encourage feedback

  • Consider cultural differences and accessibility needs when providing service

Ensure City employees are engaged, properly equipped to do their work effectively, and motivated to build their careers in Port Moody.
  • Make professional development a priority and provide City staff with excellent learning and development opportunities

  • Commit to strategies for employee engagement

  • Encourage innovative, critical, and creative thinking

Provide the public with transparent and open government, and opportunities to provide input on City issues.
  • Increase access to City information

  • Commit to effective public engagement

  • Encourage public participation

Form effective relationships with service delivery partners, industries, and stakeholders to improve service delivery
  • Strengthen relationships with other levels of government, First Nations, community groups, and partners

  • Seek partnerships where applicable for the provision of amenities

Environmental Leadership Icon   Environmental Leadership
Be a leader in the protection, adaptation, and enjoyment of our natural environment through stewardship, advocacy, and proactive policy.
Child running along trail
Maintain and enhance Port Moody’s natural and built assets while reducing the impact on our planet.
  • Educate the public about the importance of Port Moody’s natural assets

  • Inspire environmental actions and advocacy
  • Reduce the City’s impact on the planet

Expand and enhance policies to guide environmental goals and sustainability programs.
  • Review and update existing environmental policies on a regular basis to find leadership opportunities

  • Broaden the City’s sustainability programs

Expand and make the most of our parks and green spaces and design them to create positive and diverse experiences throughout the community.
  • Focus on user experience in park planning and design

  • Optimize and expand parks to meet the community’s needs

  • Create diverse, natural, open-space experiences throughout the community

Provide leadership in climate change by thinking globally and acting locally.
  • Respond and adapt to climate change through planning and policy development

  • Address global climate change with local actions

Healthy City Icon   Healthy City
Create a safe, friendly, and inclusive community that encourages healthy, active living for people of all ages and abilities. 
Family having fun in the park
Plan for a variety of housing types to meet community needs.
  • Ensure that available housing meets the community’s diverse and emerging needs

  • Work with other levels of government and private agencies to support housing and homelessness programs and services

Provide local services and access to amenities for residents of all ages and abilities.
  • Ensure plans and programs take into account the diverse needs of residents and factors related to age and other demographics such as income, languages, housing types, and abilities

  • Consider accessibility when planning and designing programs, services, facilities, parks, and infrastructure

Encourage lifelong healthy and active living.
  • Incorporate healthy living opportunities for people of all ages in City programs and services

  • Ensure the built environment and infrastructure allows for, and encourages, active living

Ensure Port Moody is a safe place where local government and public safety agencies are prepared to address natural disasters and other emergencies.
  • Maintain the “no call too small” community safety service level

  • Ensure that emergency preparedness plans and strategies are incorporated into all municipal operations

Economic Prosperity Icon   Economic Prosperity
Foster an environment where businesses can thrive and good local jobs abound, and ensure Port Moody’s economy and the City’s financial position are sustainable.
Crowd of people on St Johns Street during Car Free Day
Support the growth of businesses and business neighbourhood development.
  • Enhance economic development opportunities in Port Moody

  • Identify and explore opportunities to develop economic zones in key neighbourhoods

  • Support development and revitalization of commercial neighbourhoods

Attract well-paid jobs and new businesses in key sectors.
  • Make Port Moody attractive to growth business sectors and targeted industries

  • Be proactive in identifying and responding to emerging industries and recognizing challenges to existing industry.
  • Support growth in the number of well-paid local jobs
  • Retain and encourage green, clean, or creative light industry

Ensure a sustainable and resilient municipal economy and diversify the City’s revenue sources.
  • Diversify the City’s revenue sources to ensure sustainability

  • Leverage funding for projects with grants and partnerships

  • Ensure fiscal responsibility by assessing and monitoring lifecycle expenses

Create an attractive and vibrant community through events, arts, and culture.
  • Encourage and promote community opportunities for the public to experience arts, culture, and heritage activities

  • Encourage and promote community events

 Community Evolution Icon   Community Evolution
Plan and develop, for future generations, a vibrant, connected, and livable city, with distinctive places and spaces, where growth is managed in strategic balance with quality of life.
Red and black canoe suspended in the air at SkyTrain station
Ensure future community growth is carefully considered and strategically managed consistent with the targets approved in our Official Community Plan.
  • Develop tools to help us plan and prepare for the future

  • Review proposed development projects and updated population projections on a regular basis

  • Look for creative ways to enable diverse housing forms and heritage revitalization

  • Review the Official Community Plan regularly to ensure it aligns with the community vision

Provide people with a variety of options to move through and around Port Moody safely and efficiently.
  • Improve connections between neighbourhoods

  • Reduce the impacts of through-traffic

  • Plan for the impact of emerging transportation technologies

Ensure City assets are optimized, maintained, and funded for current and future needs.
  • Be stewards of City lands to optimize benefits to community well-being

  • Make progress towards the improvement and sustainability of City facilities to meet emerging needs
  • Ensure resiliency of City infrastructure and assets

Bring people together by activating public spaces.
  • Create engaging public spaces by incorporating or highlighting arts and culture, innovative urban design, events, recreation, natural assets

  • Engage Port Moody’s creative community in beautifying the city


Reporting to the community

The City will report back to the community in our annual report published in June, and also with strategic plan management, measurement, and reporting through the City Manager’s office.