About the plan

The 2023-2026 Council Strategic Plan provides a framework for setting priorities and making decisions. It will guide Council and City staff over the next four years as they develop policies and deliver services to the community.

Council’s vision: Embracing nature and the arts; the most liveable city in the world 

Council’s mission: To lead bold initiatives and provide our community with exceptional services and a sound financial future  

Strategic priorities 

To achieve Council's vision and mission, Council and City staff will focus on four strategic priority areas, each with accompanying strategic goals and objectives.

core services Sustainable Core Services
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Prioritize core services
  • Align service levels and financial planning

  • Enhance and standardize customer service approach

  • Support emergency preparedness and plan for business continuity

Ensure financial sustainability
  • Increase and diversify revenues

  • Develop a strategy for future uses of City lands

  • Plan for asset lifecycle and renewal costs

Lead with good governance
  • Strategically focus public engagement opportunities and ensure public information is accessible

  • Ensure effective Council and organizational governance

  • Maintain and improve the efficiency of City processes

healthy community Healthy Community Development
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Create complete and connected communities through balanced growth
  • Prioritize transit-oriented development and diverse and equitable housing options

  • Improve neighbourhood connections and identify unique neighbourhood needs, including commercial/retail services
  • Implement best practices that result in growth that is consistent with community needs

Provide safe, efficient, and accessible transportation options
  • Embrace a multi-modal approach for mobility

  • Provide safe and comfortable transportation options for all ages and abilities

  • Strategically plan for the City’s transportation networks

Enhance community well-being
  • Facilitate community well-being through programs and long-term planning

  • Provide recreation services and access to indoor and outdoor amenities for all ages and abilities

  • Incorporate our values, including diversity, equity, inclusion, Truth and Reconciliation, and climate action, into our policies, plans, and initiatives

resilient environment Resilient Natural Environment
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Protect, integrate, and enhance our natural assets
  • Protect and enhance natural waterways and the public foreshore

  • Expand the City’s green infrastructure

  • Strengthen the City’s urban forest

Advance climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • Prioritize implementation of climate action initiatives

  • Plan for extreme weather, coastal flooding, and sea level rise

  • Collaborate on regional initiatives

Enhance and expand parkland and open spaces
  • Increase, expand, and enhance urban parks

  • Optimize park-user experiences

  • Increase and improve trails and open spaces

vibrant community Vibrant and Prosperous Community
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Improve the local business climate
  • Prioritize implementation of the Economic Development Master Plan

  • Focus on growth of priority business areas

  • Provide support and communication to businesses in redevelopment areas

Enhance vibrancy through placemaking, arts, culture, heritage, and tourism
  • Develop a vision for the “City of the Arts”

  • Facilitate events and festivals in our community 

  • Strengthen the vibrancy of our waterfront and main thoroughfares

Leverage public spaces
  • Determine strategic direction for existing and future civic facilities

  • Determine direction for underutilized City lands

  • Enhance places where people naturally gather

Corporate Project Plan

  • The Council Strategic Plan provides a framework for decision-making and priority setting. Our Executive Leadership Team has worked with senior leadership team members to create a Corporate Project Plan that supports Council’s vision and align staff work with priorities identified in the strategic plan. This project plan is continually evolving as projects are completed and new projects are added.
  • Any new projects recommended by staff or Council need to be aligned with the Strategic Plan’s goals and objectives. As new projects arise, they are assessed, resourced, and integrated into the Corporate Project Plan, and their priority is determined by Council.
  • Corporate Planning coordinates reporting out on the Corporate Project Plan on a quarterly basis at open Council meetings. These progress reports provide an opportunity for Council and the public to understand how staff is advancing the Corporate Project Plan. The public may also view the status of any project in the Corporate Project Plan by viewing our Public Dashboard.