In Port Moody, we encourage residents to be civically engaged and get involved in municipal politics. One way you can do this is by speaking at Council meetings. You can offer a short comment during public input periods, attend a meeting as a delegation, or speak at a public hearing.

Participate in public input periods

Fifteen minutes are set aside at the beginning and end of each Council meeting to allow for public input. You will need to add your name to the sign-up sheet in order to speak. During public input periods, each speaker can speak for a maximum of two minutes.

Register a formal delegation

If you would like to make a presentation, speak about a specific agenda item, or request a proclamation, you may request to appear as a delegation. Delegations are scheduled for Special Council (Committee of the Whole) meetings and are given five minutes to speak. Organizations that would like to request illumination of the dome lights at City in support of a particular cause or event can request to appear as a delegation or submit a written request via email. To appear as a delegation, you need to:

  • complete a Request to Appear as a Delegation form
  • submit the form by email or drop it off to City Hall at 100 Newport Dr.
  • submit the form at least eight days before the council meeting you wish to appear
  • provide information about the purpose of the delegation and details of your request on the application form

We will review your application and contact you once a decision is made. Review the Delegations to Council Policy for more information about requesting a delegation and speaking at a Council meeting.

Speak at a public hearing

Public hearings are held by City Council to receive public input on Zoning or Official Community Plan amendments. If you are impacted by a proposed bylaw amendment, you have an opportunity to speak at the public hearing. 

Council will listen to your views. They will not debate the merits of the proposed bylaw or enter into a dialogue with members of the public at the hearing.