On October 12, 2021, City Council adopted a bylaw to regulate single-use plastic and foam items to promote responsible and sustainable environmental practices.  

Single-Use Plastic Bylaw (BL3301)

The bylaw comes into effect on April 22, 2022 and bans distribution of the following items:

  • Plastic checkout bags
  • Foam containers for prepared food
  • Plastic stir sticks
  • Plastic drinking straws (except where required for accessibility needs)

In addition, the bylaw states a business may provide a paper or reusable checkout bag to customers on request and charge a minimum fee of $0.25 or $2.00 respectively.

Some exemptions apply. Please review the full bylaw.

Read the Single-Use Plastic Bylaw FAQ page.

This bylaw does not impact plastic or foam recycling. Plastic bags and overwrap as well as styrofoam packaging can be dropped off for free at the Coquitlam Recycling and Waste Centre at 1200 United Boulevard.


For businesses:

For residents:

Bylaw at a glance


  • All businesses in Port Moody are required to comply. 


  • Ban on foam cups and foam take-out containers. 

PLASTIC DRINKING STRAWS - Effective April 22, 2022

  • Ban on all plastic straws, including plastic that is labeled or described as compostable, or biodegradable.
  • Flexible or non-flexible plastic straws may be stocked by food vendors, and provided to customers when requested (accessibility requirement). 

PLASTIC STIR STICKS - Effective April 22, 2022

Ban on all plastic stir sticks which are made from plastic and from plastic that is labeled or described as compostable, degradable. 


Ban on plastic shopping bags made from plastic and plastic that is labeled or described as compostable, biodegradable. 

Paper Shopping Bags

  • A minimum fee of $0.25 must be charged for each paper bag distributed.
  • Paper shopping bags must contain at least 40% recycled content, and be labeled “recyclable”

and “made of 40% recycled content.” 

Reusable Shopping Bags

  • A minimum fee of $2 must be charged for each new reusable bag distributed.
  • New reusable shopping bags must be designed and manufactured to be used and machine washed at least 100 times and made primarily of fabric.  


Specific exemptions to the Bylaw can be found in section 4 of the bylaw.

 How to make a complaint
You can submit a bylaw complaint online for any bylaw infraction that you witness. Our Bylaw Enforcement division will investigate your complaint and help resolve the issue.
Frequently asked questions
Read the Single-Use Plastic Bylaw FAQ

Single-use plastic and foam items are products and packaging that we throw away or recycle after just one use. These items can end up in our landfills and in our oceans and rivers, where they contaminate our soil and water.

Council directed City staff to invite Port Moody business licence holders to share concerns they may have about eliminating the use of single-use items such as beverage cups, straws, food containers, utensils, and shopping bags. In March and April 2019, the City gathered input from business owner/operators via an online survey. Staff then prepared a draft bylaw and an implementation plan for Council's consideration.

In addition, under Metro Vancouver’s Zero Waste strategy, member municipalities are seeking support from the provincial government to develop a single-use items reduction strategy. For more information on Metro Vancouver’s Zero Waste initiatives and the work of the Metro Vancouver Regional District Zero Waste Committee, please visit metrovancouver.org. For more information on provincial initiatives, please visit Clean BC and for more information on federal initiatives, please refer to the government's discussion paper on achieving zero plastic waste.