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Visit Engage Port Moody, the City's public engagement hub where you can learn about current plans and projects, share your ideas, and provide your feedback. Our goal is to provide opportunities for engagement that are inclusive, meaningful, and respectful of the diverse voices in our community. Your ideas and feedback will inform Council’s decision-making as they consider plans and projects that will shape the future of our city.

You can find all current projects online at Engage Port Moody.

Development applications: you can also visit to learn more and share your thoughts on significant development applications.

Past public engagements
 Past public engagement initiatives
 These topics are no longer open for input. 
2020 Budget Consultation
Let's talk taxes. We'd like to thank everyone who took the time to give us their feedback on the 2020 Budget.
Find out more.
BC Energy Step Code 

Council directed staff to engage with industry stakeholders on a potential strategy for early adoption of the BC Energy Step Code in Port Moody.

The BC Energy Step Code Builder Breakfast #1 was held February 20, 2019. We presented three options for a Step Code adoption strategy and facilitated a discussion with attendees.

The BC Energy Step Code Builder Breakfast #2 was held May 2, 2019. We presented a summary of the feedback received after Builder Breakfast #1 as well as a draft Step Code adoption strategy. View the presentation.

Blueprint Zoning Bylaw 

The City of Port Moody updated its Zoning Bylaw to make it more user friendly and implement policies in the Official Community Plan. Updating and modernizing the Zoning Bylaw enables the delivery of efficient customer service and provides a document that is clear and accessible to property owners, developers, and the public.

At a Public Hearing on Tuesday July 10 the proposed new Zoning Bylaw No. 2937 was approved. View approved bylaw No. 2937

Cannabis retail sales 

We'd like to thank everyone who joined us at our open house and all of you who took the time to fill out our online survey. View the consultation summary and read all comments submitted.

Read more about Cannabis Retail Use in Port Moody.

Citizen Survey 

Every two years, the City of Port Moody conducts a Citizen Survey to ask residents how satisfied they are with City performance, services, and overall quality of life in Port Moody. Note that due to COVID-19 the survey was not conducted in 2020.

City-owned lands

Former Fire Hall and Existing Works Yard

These two parcels of land are centrally and strategically located near existing infrastructure and amenities including the Port Moody Recreation Complex, Civic Centre, Port Moody Public Library, and Inlet Centre SkyTrain Station. Exploration of land use options for these sites was identified in the Official Community Plan in 2014 as part of the Inlet Centre Policy.

The City engaged with the public during a consultation process to gather community feedback on the future use of the two sites, including development concepts and planning principles. We hosted a community ideas on June 11, 2016 (view the consultation summary) and an information session on December 4, 2017 (view the consultation summary). 

As part of the 2018 General Local and School Board Election, Port Moody voters were asked to share their opinion on the proposed sale, partial sale, or lease of the former Fire Hall and existing Works Yard sites to pay for one or more potential community improvements. On their ballots, voters were asked the following Community Opinion Question: Do you support the sale, partial sale, or lease of the former Fire Hall and existing Works Yards sites to pay for more park land and one or more of the community improvements listed above? The outcome was as follows: 52.5 per cent (4,638) of voters responded "no" and 47.5 per cent (4,103) responded "yes." The results of the community opinion question will be considered along with technical and financial information as part of future Council discussions. 

Kyle Centre

Thank you to everyone who dropped in to see us at the community ideas fair on June 25, 2016, and to everyone who filled out a feedback form. View the consultation summary.

Planned Public Works Yard Relocation

Thank you to everyone who dropped in to see us at the Open House on October 29, 2016, and to everyone who filled out a feedback form. View the consultation summary.

Climate Action Plan

We've developed a Climate Action Plan - a community-wide strategy to help the City and its residents adapt to climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Thank you to everyone who attended our Climate Action Plan Open House on November 14, 2019 and/or filled out a feedback form. View the public engagement summary.

Your feedback informed the development of a draft Climate Action Plan which was endorsed by Council on July 21, 2020.

Coronation Park

In 2017, Council amended Port Moody’s Official Community Plan to include the Coronation Park Neighbourhood Plan (PDF, Section 15.3.1), which outlines a new vision for this neighbourhood: a transit-oriented, pedestrian-friendly, and bike-friendly community that has a range of housing forms and types in close proximity to shops, amenities, and public transit. The Plan includes opportunities for a variety of land uses, including high-rise residential, high-rise mixed use, low-rise residential, and park space.

The Coronation Park Neighbourhood Plan was completed after extensive consultation with members of the community. This included open houses on May 18, 2016 (view the consultation summary) and September 15, 2016 (view the consultation summary). 

For more information on the development application for Coronation Park, please visit

Development Cost Charges (DCCs)

We updated our Development Cost Charges (DCC) Bylaw to reflect the infrastructure requirements of new development.

Two public information sessions were held on June 26, 2019. View the handout and presentation.

The City received Provincial approval on the draft DCC Bylaw In December 2019 and Council adopted the bylaw in January 2020. The bylaw went into effect immediately.

Digital Billboards

On November 12, 2019, following a town hall meeting, Council approved amendments to Sign Bylaw No. 2403 to support the installation of two digital billboards on City property: at the City-owned former landfill site on the Barnet Highway, and at the intersection of Barnet Highway and Ioco Road. The two billboard signs were installed in January 2021.

Digital billboard locations map 


Advertising and content
  • one out of every 10 spots, or 10 per cent, will be used for City of Port Moody content
  • Port Moody businesses, non-profits, and community groups receive a 20 per cent discount on advertising
  • for advertising inquiries, please contact Scott MacPhail, retail sales manager for Pattison Outdoor Advertising, at 604-235-2725 or
  • at night, the billboards dim to the same level as a typical streetlight
  • photocell ambient light sensors automatically adjust the brightness as light conditions change
  • screen brightness and content is also monitored via an attached camera
  • the daylighted water course at the former Barnet Landfill site is a protected riparian area
  • the billboard illumination is well within International Dark Sky Association (IDA) protocol and standards to minimize light pollution
 Traffic safety and oversights
  • Transportation Association of Canada Safety Guidelines regulate factors such as brightness, animation, frame transition time, and duration
  • industry research shows no conclusive evidence of increased traffic safety risks associated with static message digital billboards
  • billboard ads will not have animation or motion video
  • no alcohol, vaping, or cannabis advertisements are permitted
Ongoing costs and maintenance
  • all maintenance costs are covered by Pattison Outdoor Advertising
  • digital screens will be replaced twice during the contract term
  • maintenance response time from Pattison Outdoor Advertising is under 48 hours



Minimum guaranteed revenue

Total estimated revenue

(dependent on amount
of advertising sold)

Average revenue per year



Total revenue over 25-year term



  • the guaranteed revenue could potentially offset a 1.5 per cent tax increase
  • the estimated revenue could potentially offset a 2.4 per cent tax increase

 Additional Resources

Artist rendering of digital billboard

Flavelle Mill Site

Flavelle Oceanfront Development applied to the City to amend the Official Community Plan (OCP) designation for the Flavelle Mill property from General Industrial to Mixed Use – Oceanfront District. Open houses were held on January 7, 2016 (view the display boards) and January 26, 2017 (view the display boards).

Following Metro Vancouver Board approval on May 25, 2018 to change the regional land use designation for the Flavelle site to General Urban, Council adopted the OCP amendment bylaw to designate the site as Mixed Use – Oceanfront District.

Moody Centre Station Transit-Oriented Development Area Plan

With new skytrain stations in the community, we explored how to create compact, walkable, mixed-use neighbourhoods that support transit. 

An open house was held October 6, 2016. View the consultation summary. A second open house was held March 17, 2017. View the consultation summary.  

For more information on the proposed development of the Moody Centre Station Transit-Oriented Development Area, visit

Potential Ioco Lands connector route
We would like to thank everyone who joined us at our open house on May 28, 2018 and all of you who took the time to fill out our online survey. View the consultation summary.
Rocky Point Park playground replacement

In September 2018, the City presented a playground design and invited members of the public to share their thoughts. Thank you to everyone who provided feedback. The new playground was installed in April//May 2019.

The double (parent and child) swing that was part of the previous playground will be reinstalled, and a bench will be added. Picnic tables have been moved to two different locations in Rocky Point Park: one now sits by the Rotary SK8 Park, and two others are located about 30 metres away from the playground (toward the Inlet). 

Shoreline Trail Improvements

In connection with the Shoreline Trail Sanitary Sewer Upgrades Project, the City initiated a public survey on possible future improvements to the north side of the Shoreline Trail in August 2020 and project boards were temporarily displayed in Old Orchard Park. City staff presented a report seeking funding for the recommended options for the rehabilitation of the shoreline trail sanitary sewers and pathway (Item 4.2) at the November 3, 2020 Regular Council Meeting. The report includes an attachment summarizing the feedback received via the survey. 

Visit for more information on the Shoreline Trail Sanitary Sewer Upgrades Project.

Sign Bylaw amendments to support installation of two digital billboards
After a town hall meeting on November 12, 2019, Council approved amendments to Sign Bylaw No. 2403 to support the installation of two digital billboards on City property. 
Single-use items

Council asked City staff to invite Port Moody business licence holders to share concerns they may have about eliminating the use of single-use items such as beverage cups, straws, food containers, utensils, and shopping bags. In March and April 2019, the City gathered input from business owner/operators via an online survey. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Single-use items are products and packaging that we throw away or recycle after just one use. These items can end up in our landfills and in our oceans and rivers, where they contaminate our soil and water. While there are no draft City bylaws currently under consideration related single-use products or packaging in Port Moody, Council will consider the input received from business licence holders when making any future recommendations or decisions on this issue.

Under Metro Vancouver’s Zero Waste strategy, member municipalities are seeking support from the provincial government to develop a single-use items reduction strategy. For more information on Metro Vancouver’s Zero Waste initiatives and the work of the Metro Vancouver Regional District Zero Waste Committee, please visit

Please refer to our Single-Use Plastic and Foam Items Draft Bylaw page for more information.

Suter Brook Village Traffic and Public Space Consultation

In December 2018, we asked Suter Brook Village residents and business owners/operators to share their thoughts on issues related to pedestrian and traffic safety, traffic congestion, road and sidewalk maintenance, parking, loading zones, noise and traffic issues related to delivery vehicles, and noise related to late-night business operations. The City also hosted a walking tour of public spaces. On February 26, 2019, staff presented a report (Item 9.1) on the consultation at the Council Meeting. View the consultation summary.

2021 Budget Consultation

In February 2021 we collected your input to help Council and the City balance the delivery of services and programs (spending) with property taxes, fees and charges, and funds from other sources (revenues).

City staff presented the 2021 Budget Consultation report (PDF) at the March 16, 2021 Finance Committee Meeting (Item 3.1). Watch a video recording of the meeting here


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The City acknowledges that non-City of Port Moody users may post comments and content to the City’s social media channels. Staff will monitor City social media channels and moderate content submitted by non-City users. When available, the City may also enable tools on social media channels that automatically remove posts with profanity and words and phrases that violate these Terms of Use. In accordance with the following, comments and content determined to be in violation will be removed and may result in users being banned or blocked from participating in the City’s social media channels. The City of Port Moody reserves the right to remove the following:

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