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Help us showcase the natural beauty of Port Moody by submitting your photos for our annual calendar. In addition to a photo credit, we may feature your image on our website and social media pages.

Focus newsletter

The Focus newsletter is published twice a year and contains information and updates about city activities, public programs, events, and contact information. It is distributed by Canada Post to residents and businesses in Port Moody. It’s also available at City facilities.

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Official Community Plan

Review the Official Community Plan to learn about our overall goals, strategies, and visions for the community.

Master plans

The City of Port Moody has a variety of master plans that help guide major initiatives. If you are interested in learning more about our future vision for the city, review our master plans.

Art in Public Spaces Master Plan

The integral role public art plays in developing quality of place and designing space was highlighted in Port Moody’s Arts and Culture Master Plan with a strategic objective and goal to “Enhance Public Spaces Through Arts and Culture” via the expansion of public art and utilization of public spaces as venues for arts and culture activities. The Art in Public Spaces Master Plan builds on this concept and recognizes the growing multiplicity of public art and the various ways in which it can be integrated into the public realm utilizing a myriad of temporary, permanent, kinetic, and stationary elements.

The Art in Public Spaces Master Plan will serve as a roadmap for City staff and the community to develop and maintain art in public spaces. It outlines the future direction, philosophy, policies, priorities, and actions for the City of Port Moody and partners relating to public art by:

  • Identifying potential opportunities for public art in Port Moody;
  • Linking with other key planning initiatives, bylaws and policies;
  • Outlining governance, funding and operational policies and procedures for implementing a public art program; and
  • Providing a broad guiding and working document with a funding strategy.

The Art in Public Spaces Master Plan will ultimately strengthen public art in Port Moody and build on the City’s brand of City of the Arts.

The Art in Public Spaces Master Plan is supported by research included in the Planning Context Report.

Arts and Culture Master Plan

The Arts and Culture Master Plan defines a vision and identifies actions to help guide the development of arts and culture resources and activities in the city for the next 10 years. Our goal is to become a place that supports and encourages cultural and artistic expression. We will do this by being a city:

  • where arts and culture are integrated across all areas of City planning and decision-making
  • that is recognized nationally as a destination for artists, tourists, and new residents known for its creative atmosphere, beautiful cityscape, and collaborative environment
  • where cultural opportunities, resources, and activities are accessible to residents of all ages, abilities, ethnicities, and economic circumstances across all parts of the community
  • that brings continuous innovation to the development of its arts and culture assets and environment
  • where arts and culture are drivers in creating the quality of life and quality of place that attracts a talented workforce and new investment opportunities
  • where arts and culture, and creative enterprises, become drivers in growing and diversifying the local economy

Technical report

The Arts and Culture Technical Report supports the Arts and Culture Master Plan. It contains select background research that underpins the recommendations and findings within the master plan.

Council Strategic Plan

The Council Strategic Plan sets out the goals and vision of Council during their term in office. Council has identified the following strategic priorities:

  • Sustainable Core Services
  • Healthy Community Development 

  • Resilient Natural Environment 

  • Vibrant and Prosperous Community

TransPort Moody: Master Transportation Plan

The Master Transportation Plan guides the City's investment in transportation over the next 20 years. The plan focuses on improving Port Moody's road network, and providing better options for walking, cycling, and using transit. Our transportation goals include:

  • ensuring the safe and efficient movement of people and goods within Port Moody and the surrounding area
  • enhancing streetscapes to promote vibrancy and social interactions through the movement of people
  • providing support systems to enhance opportunities for walking, cycling, and using transit

Check out our Master Transportation Plan Summary for a condensed version of the plan.

Master Transportation Plan maps

Within the Master Transportation Plan there are a series of maps to help illustrate some of the recommendations:

Master Transportation Plan discussion papers

Review the Master Transportation Plan discussion papers that were released prior to the official plan:

Parks and Recreation Master Plan

The Parks and Recreation Master Plan sets out the future goals and visions for parks and recreation programs and facilities within Port Moody. Our goal is to ensure Port Moody is a place where parks and recreation support:

  • a variety of safe, accessible, and affordable outdoor and indoor recreation opportunities available to all members of the community
  • healthy and active lifestyles
  • a natural environment that is respected, protected, and enhanced for the enjoyment and benefits it provides
  • pride in the community and a strong sense of belonging

Annual reports

The City publishes an annual report in accordance with British Columbia's Community Charter. The report contains the City's financial statements, an independent auditor's report, and a comprehensive statistical analysis; it also details how the City performed against its goals and objectives, as stated in Council's Strategic Plan, and highlights the achievements of each City department.

Statement of Financial Information

Climate Action Plan

Community guides

Learn more about Port Moody through our community guides:

Annual Water Quality Reports

Our high-quality drinking water is stored in Metro Vancouver's Capilano, Seymour, and Coquitlam watersheds before it is treated and supplied to Port Moody.