On November 12, 2019, Council approved amendments to Sign Bylaw No. 2403 to support the installation of two digital billboards on City property. The City has a 25-year revenue sharing agreement with Pattison Outdoor Advertising for two locations – at the City-owned former landfill site on the Barnet Highway, and at the intersection of Barnet Highway and Ioco Road. It is anticipated that the two billboard signs will be installed in spring 2020.


Digital billboard locations map 


  • At night, the billboards dim to the same level as a typical streetlight
  • Photocell ambient light sensors automatically adjust the brightness as light conditions change
  • Screen brightness and content is also monitored via an attached camera
  • The daylighted water course at the former Barnet Landfill site is a protected riparian area
  • The billboard illumination is well within International Dark Sky Association (IDA) protocol and standards to minimize light pollution
 Traffic Safety and Oversights
  • TAC (Transportation Association of Canada) Safety Guidelines regulate factors such as brightness, animation, frame transition time, and duration
  • Industry research shows no conclusive evidence of increased traffic safety risks associated with static message digital billboards
  • Billboard ads will not have animation or motion video
  • No alcohol, vaping, or cannabis advertisements are permitted
 Ongoing costs and maintenance
  • All maintenance costs are covered by Pattison Outdoor Advertising
  • Digital screens will be replaced twice during the contract term
  • Maintenance response time from Pattison Outdoor Advertising is under 48 hours



Minimum Guaranteed Revenue

Total Estimated Revenue

(Dependent on amount
of advertising sold)

Average revenue per year



Total revenue over 25-year term



  •  The guaranteed revenue could potentially offset a 1.5% tax increase
  • The estimated revenue could potentially offset a 2.4% tax increase

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