civic awards

The Civic Awards are presented bi-annually to deserving people, organizations, and businesses that have made significant contributions to the community in six categories: accessibility, arts, climate action, environment, heritage, and sport. Port Moody Committees accept and review nominations and make award recommendations to Council. Nominations will be accepted until Friday, September 20, 2024.

Expand a category below to find an online nomination form for each award. Paper application forms are also available at the reception desk at City Hall (100 Newport Drive) and the Recreation Complex (300 Ioco Road). 

Peter Hulbert Accessibility Award

The Peter Hulbert Accessibility Award honours an individual or group that has contributed to the removal of barriers for individuals with accessibility needs or the promotion of inclusivity—i.e., welcoming all people to participate in all aspects of community life—in Port Moody. 

Nomination Criteria

The IDEA (Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility) Committee accepts nominations from anyone. The following groups are eligible for the award:

  • Businesses (incorporated or for profit)
  • Community groups and organizations
  • Individuals
  • Educators (teachers, coaches, counsellors, mentors)
  • Government agencies (local and senior government employees and departments)

Arenas for increased inclusivity may include, but are not limited to, individuals dealing with the following:

  • physical mobility challenges
  • cognitive/emotional challenges (e.g. phobias)
  • minority ethnicities, religions/philosophies, languages
  • Indigenous communities
  • LGBTQ+ communities
  • young and old
  • homelessness
  • recovery and re-integration (e.g. from addictions, institutionalization/prison)
  • social isolation, grief, and loss 

Award Selection

The City’s IDEA Committee accepts and reviews nominations and makes their recommendation to Council. Council reserves the right to not give awards in one or any of the categories. One winner is selected and presented with an award at our annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. The winner is also recognized on a permanent plaque at City Hall. 

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Peter Hulbert Accessibility Award recipients 

Tri-Cities Local Immigration Partnership - 2021
The Tri-Cities Local Immigration Partnership (TCLIP) was recognized for its leadership in creating an accessible and inclusive community for recent immigrants and new Canadians. Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, TCLIP has initiated several workshops in response to the increased levels of racism experienced by residents who identify as Black, Indigenous, and/or people of colour (BIPOC). Titled “Dismantling Barrier and Fostering Belonging,” this anti-racism initiative was undertaken to deepen our understanding of the importance of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion in our communities. From speakers, workshops, and dialogues to exhibits and performances, these activities provided residents with opportunities to connect, empower, and transform communities to be stronger and more inclusive. Other key projects include workforce integration for immigrants and newcomers, providing and promoting access to community services, and social inclusion for refugees and immigrants.
Derek Wilson - 2020

Derek was recognized for his many years of advocating for the accessibility needs of residents in all parts of the city, particularly in Glenayre where he has helped to bring about a number of improvements – such as curb letdowns, sidewalk installations, and street lighting – that have made the neighbourhood more walkable and safe. From 2014 to 2020, Wilson organized and delivered the Handy Helper minor home repair program for clients of the United Way’s Better at Home program, offered through SHARE Family and Community Services. Home repairs completed through this program included the installation of grab bars, hand-held shower heads, and single-handle faucets in bathrooms and kitchens to assist clients with disabilities.

Christine Scott - 2019

Christine Scott, CEO of Kinsight, was recognized for her efforts to leverage Kinsight’s real estate assets and forge new and innovative partnerships with other non-profits, private developers, and municipalities to create shared space in the community where everyone is welcome. A recent example is a partnership between Catalyst Community Developments Society, Inlet United Church, Kinsight, SHARE Family and Community Services, and BC Housing to create a mixed-use project that will include housing options for people with developmental disabilities. There will also be space for a children’s centre that will support families and deliver early intervention programs for children and youth who have, or are at risk of having, developmental delays or disabilities. Scott is known as a collaborative leader who works to create opportunities for neighbours and organizations to welcome all people.

Mossom Creek Hatchery – 2017

In 2017, the Mossom Creek Hatchery received the Accessibility Award for creating and maintaining an accessible space. Mossom Creek Hatchery, managed by the Burrard Inlet Marine Enhancement Society, was recognized for its new, barrier-free facility, which opened in 2015. The roadway up to the clubhouse and the washroom are now fully accessible for people who use wheelchairs.

Gabi and Jules Handmade Pies - 2016

Gabi and Jules Handmade Pies received the Accessibility Award in 2016 for creating and maintaining an inclusive work environment. Individuals with autism can gain skills and work experience while being part of a team.

Port Moody Auto and Air - 2015

Port Moody Auto and Air received the Accessibility Award in 2015 for their efforts in community integration and the removal of physical barriers. Specifically they provide excellent customer services for clients with physical disabilities.

Port Moody Station Museum - 2014

The Port Moody Station Museum received the Accessibility Award in 2014 for its efforts to make the facility accessible to all. They removed physical barriers, provided signage and listening stations that accommodate both hearing impaired and visually impaired visitors, offered volunteer opportunities for members of the community with mental health challenges and limited mobility.

Port Moody Arts Centre – 2012

The Port Moody Arts Centre received the Accessibility Award in 2012 for their efforts to promote accessibility. They use an adaptive approach to provide opportunities for persons with disabilities to explore their creativity and develop interpersonal skills in a safe and inclusive environment. For example, they offer a clay workshop for autistic youth and art and drama camps for children with mental health issues, brain injuries, and cognitive disabilities.

The Home Team for the Beaudoin Residence – 2012

The Home Team, a non-profit community outreach of the Cornerstone Seventh Day Adventist Church, received the Accessibility Award in 2012 in for their renovation and reconstruction of Chantal Beaudoin's house. She was left with a physical disability following an accident in 2004. The renovations make her house 100% accessible.

Beadworks – 2009

Beadworks, formerly located in Newport Village, received the Accessibility Award in 2009 for helping break down barriers for people with disabilities. They have hired staff with developmental disabilities and promoted a positive and inclusive work environment.

Community Integration Services Society – 2008

The Community Integration Services Society received the Accessibility Award in 2008 for their program using the Kyle Centre Kitchen. This program provides individuals with developmental disabilities an opportunity to learn valuable food preparation and administrative skills through participation.

Tracey Bates – 2007

Tracey Bates, owner of Eden West Fine Foods and Gifts, received the Accessibility Award in 2007 for making her store wheelchair accessible.

Debbie Richardson – 2006

Debbie Richardson received the Accessibility Award in 2006 for her work in lobbying to make the washrooms accessible in Rocky Point Park. She also served on the Community Care Committee for a number of years.

St. John the Apostle Anglican Church – 2005

St. John Apostle Anglican Church received the inaugural Accessibility Award in 2005 for their commitment to improving the accessibility of the heritage building.

Arts Award

The Arts Award celebrates an individual, organization, or business that significantly contributes to, and participates in, the artistic or cultural life of Port Moody.

Nomination Criteria 

  • Port Moody is recognized as the City of the Arts. The arts award celebrates one individual, organization or business that significantly contributes and participates in the artistic/cultural life in Port Moody.
  • Nominations from anyone are accepted for recognizing significant or creative contributions through time, talent, leadership or support in the arts benefiting the community and Port Moody’s reputation locally, nationally or internationally as City of the Arts. 

Award Selection

The City of Port Moody’s Arts, Culture, and Heritage Committee accepts and reviews nominations and makes their recommendation to Council. Council reserves the right to not give awards in one or any of the categories. One winner is selected and presented with an award at our annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. The winner is also recognized on a permanent plaque at City Hall.

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Arts Award recipients

Mike Arseneault - 2022

Mike Arseneault was recognized for his contributions to the arts and business community, and for his incredible leadership and commitment to community building. He is the founder of Ioco Players Port Moody Theatre Arts, which presented several performances and table readings in 2022. Arseneault also contributes to the community through the POMO Foodies Facebook group and his quarterly newsletter Ioco News. He has been described as a brand builder, strategist, designer, storyteller, published author, theatre producer, director, performer, connector, and cultural curator. Although Arseneault has only been a Port Moody resident for a short time, he is known for his passion, energy, and commitment to building an exciting, cohesive, and supportive community.

Tracey Schaeffer - 2022

Tracey Schaeffer was honoured for being the passionate visionary behind the 2022 Frantic Breeze Fast Film Competition. The competition had teams of filmmakers write, film, and edit a short film in just 72 hours. In taking on the challenge of organizing this successful event, Schaeffer presented a three-day youth film workshop in partnership with the Port Moody Public Library, hired support staff, arranged for promotional materials, attended film-related events to promote this new event, secured sponsorship, and managed the event budget. Schaeffer has been described as an enthusiastic planner who brought joy to the process of organizing Frantic Breeze, which she saw as both a special arts event for the community and a way to promote the city itself.

Ladawne Shelstad - 2021
Ladawne Shelstad was honoured for harnessing the power of creativity to help people get through tough times, and for brightening the Klahanie neighbourhood in the process. What started as a suggestion from Shelstad’s young daughter – to create an uplifting chalk rainbow on the street during a difficult time early in the pandemic – grew into a gallery of beautiful chalk murals throughout the neighbourhood. Finding comfort in the rainbow, Shelstad and her daughter created a mural of a giant heart on their garage door. Their next mural was designed for the garage door of a neighbour, who is a nurse, as a way to say thank you. When neighbours saw the colourful and uplifting murals, they asked if they could become a part of the project. Soon every garage door along Shelstad’s lane had its own mural. The murals then extended to other lanes in Klahanie. Shelstad also created chalk and art supply kits that she sold through her Facebook page, Port Moody Heart Market, with proceeds going to Share Family and Community Services.  
Blue Mountain Quilters’ Guild - 2021

The Blue Mountain Quilters’ Guild was recognized for their work in giving back to the community through donations, leadership, and teaching skills, and for bringing Port Moody to the forefront of the fibre art world. A goal of the Blue Mountain Quilters’ Guild is to provide charities with as many donated quilts as they have members. In 2021, approximately 142 quilts were donated, as there are currently 142 members, including approximately 80 from Port Moody. Although the Guild is a Tri-Cities group, many of their quilts go to residents and organizations in Port Moody, such as Crossroads Hospice Society and the Port Moody Royal Canadian Legion. The Guild also donates to regional organizations and institutions such as the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Royal Columbian Hospital and Tri-Cities schools. The Guild also participates at the Ioco Ghost Town Days Festival by having a booth, displaying quilts, and teaching adults and children the quilting process. 

Brenda Millar - 2020

Brenda was honoured for her vision for, and work on, the Queens Street Plaza Placemaking Project. Queens Street Plaza was an underused area of the city and her vision was to make it a flexible space where people could gather to talk, read, paint, and attend special events. Millar thought the Plaza needed a central art piece and conceived the idea of the canoe planter that is now in place. The canoe was painted by an Indigenous artist and is used to hold flowers that add colour to the Plaza. Millar ensured the community had input and came together to bring the project to life. She also contributed items to fill toy boxes so that children can have a great experience at the Plaza.

Val Simons - 2019

Val Simons was recognized for her many contributions and accomplishments as president of the Port Moody Arts Centre Society from June 2015 to May 2019. Simons led a campaign to double the Society’s endowment funds and successfully renegotiated a five-year operating agreement with the City of Port Moody. She spearheaded a community art project, titled the Unity Project, to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017, and helped bring the project back in 2018 for Port Moody’s second annual Car-Free Day. Simons has also served terms as a director-at-large for the Port Moody Arts Centre Society and as a member and president of the Blackberry Artists Society.

Jim Millar and Markus Fahrner – 2018

Jim Millar and Markus Fahrner received the Arts Award in 2018 for their commitment to fostering the arts in Port Moody through their many collaborative exhibits, as well as their promotion of the Port Moody Station Museum as an integral part of the City of the Arts. One of their projects was an exhibit titled “As He Saw It,” a collection of wartime sketches by the renowned German typographer Rudolph Koch. Millar is a role model who is dedicated to the Port Moody Station Museum and the community as a whole. Fahrner is a graphic designer who has exhibited his work in Port Moody and Germany.

Dr. Hilary Letwin – 2017

Dr. Hilary Letwin received the Arts Award in 2017 for her work in curating the “Meeting the Moodys” exhibit on display at the Port Moody Station Museum. This exhibit, which included personal letters and photographs, provided an opportunity for visitors to learn about Colonel Richard Clement Moody, who was the first lieutenant governor of the Colony of British Columbia, and his wife, Mary Moody. The Port Moody Heritage Society contracted Letwin to provide curatorial services for the exhibit, which involved selecting the materials to be displayed and preparing the accompanying educational panels.

Gallery Bistro – 2016

Gallery Bistro received the Arts Award in 2016 for providing a presentation venue and meeting space where artists can share their talents and exchange ideas. The bistro has become an artistic and cultural hub in the city. They host musical jam sessions, concert performances, workshops, and art exhibits, as well as regular meetings for a variety of local groups.

Stirling Ward - 2015

Stirling Ward received the Arts Award in 2015 for his work as an internationally renowned photographer. He regularly donates his time, talent, professional services, and equipment to local events and has participated in on a number of local boards and committees.

Port Moody Film Society – 2014

The Port Moody Film Society received the Arts Award in 2014 for fostering filmmaking through a monthly film night, mini-festivals, and indoor and outdoor film screenings every summer. They also donate thousands of dollars of film equipment to the City and operate the Bistro concession on a volunteer basis.

Ann Kitching – 2013

Ann Kitching received the Arts Award in 2013 for her contributions to collaboration and art in the community. She spear-headed the Centennial Wall Hanging that features contributions from over 350 community participants. She has also served as the president of the Port Moody Arts Centre Society, organized the Wearable Art Awards, and was a member of the City's Arts and Culture Task Force and Arts and Culture Committee.

Susan Ius and Richard Dixon – 2012

Susan Ius and Richard Dixon received the Arts Award in 2012 for their work in planning the first Port Moody Youth Arts festival. They created a nurturing environment where young people in our community were able to gain valuable experience in their chosen artistic field.

Helen Daniels - 2011

Helen Daniels received the Arts Award in 2011 for her work with ArtsConnect. Through this project, she creates diverse online resources and a welcoming space for artists. Signature ArtsConnect events like the ArtWalk, ArtistCircle, Golden Brush, and Quick Flick Challenge all benefit from her vision and expertise.

Dan Mattinson – 2010

Dan Mattinson received the Arts Award in 2010 for his work as the Executive Director of the Coastal Sound Music Academy (CSMA). He oversees the budget, programming, fundraising, registration and travel for the group.

George Balzer – 2009

George Balzer received the Arts Award in 2009 for his work with the PCT Summer Sunday Concerts. These free concerts feature local bans and Rocky Point Park every weekend in July and August.

Climate Action Award

The Climate Action Award recognizes individuals, community groups, schools, organizations, and businesses who advance the goals and objectives of the City’s Climate Action Plan.

Nomination Criteria

The Climate Action Award is presented to an individual, community group, school, organization, or business that advances the goals and objectives of the Port Moody Climate Action Plan. The project, initiative, or achievement must take place in Port Moody. Nominees are evaluated on their demonstrated achievement in one or more of the following categories: 

  • Formal Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction/Elimination (eg. home energy retrofit);
  • Renewable Energy Transportation (eg. car-free family);
  • Climate Change Resilience (eg. passive house, flood-proof house, food security);
  • Renewable Energy Demonstration In Use;
  • Volunteerism and Engagement;
  • Climate Change Education and Outreach; and
  • Other projects or activities that may align with the Port Moody Climate Action Plan 

Award Selection

The Port Moody Climate Action Committee accepts and reviews nominations and makes their recommendation to Council. Council reserves the right to not give awards in one or any of the categories. One winner is selected and presented with an award at our annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. The winner is also recognized on a permanent plaque at City Hall and receives a medallion designed by a local artist.

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Climate Action Award recipients

 Tru Earth Environmental Products Inc. - 2021
 Tru Earth was honoured for their efforts in greenhouse gas emissions reduction and climate change education and outreach in 2021. Tru Earth Environmental Products Inc. is a Port Moody-based, eco-friendly company that produces household products. They are committed to eliminating plastic from landfills and oceans. Tru Earth works to collect data and build a plan to reduce the company’s greenhouse gas emissions, including logistical changes, innovations to packaging, and behavioral engagement with the goal of being carbon neutral. Tru Earth has also partnered with the Salish Sea Research and Education Society to create a curriculum and offer a summer camp for youth and middle school students in the Tri-Cities. This curriculum provides comprehensive lessons on the importance of oceans, the impact of pollution, connections to wastewater and watersheds, how a circular economy works, and how students can take action.

Environmental Award

The Environmental Award recognizes outstanding accomplishments and contributions that advance environmental preservation, increase awareness, and support climate change action.

Nomination Criteria

The project or initiative must take place in Port Moody and can be initiated by an individual or one of the following groups: 

  • Individual;
  • Community groups/organizations: formal or informal, not for profit groups including environmental stewardship, youth and community service groups;
  • Schools and educators: teachers, students, coaches and counsellors;
  • Businesses: including Port Moody businesses, Port Moody industry and developers; and
  • Youth aged 12 to 19 years old. Nominators must submit a parental consent form (also available at City Hall, 100 Newport Drive) with this nomination. 

The nominee does not need to be a Port Moody resident. 

We evaluate nominees based on their project or initiative within one or more of the following areas: 

  • Ecological Initiative;
  • Habitat Enhancement;
  • Naturescape Principles;
  • Volunteerism and Engagement;
  • Environmental Education and Outreach;
  • Waste Reduction;
  • Water Use Reduction;
  • Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction;
  • Energy Efficiency;
  • Climate Change Resilience; and
  • Other 

Award Selection

The City of Port Moody’s Parks and Environment Committee accepts and reviews nominees and makes their recommendation to Council. Council reserves the right to not give awards in one or any of the categories. Two winners, with at least one in the youth category, are presented with an award at our annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. The winners are also recognized on a permanent plaque at City Hall.

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Environmental Award recipients

Dave Bennie - 2022

Dave Bennie was honoured for his many years of volunteer work stewarding Noons Creek and educating our community and young people. Bennie is currently the vice-president of the Port Moody Ecological Society, a local stewardship group that operates Noons Creek Hatchery, where he spends countless hours volunteering. He has an in-depth understanding of salmon life cycles, streams, and local history, which he shares through the many outreach events that he is involved with as director of special events and school programs. The annual Fingerling Festival coincides with the release of young salmon, and Bennie has helped grow this event into a popular environmental fair that attracts thousands of participants across Metro Vancouver. He has also been a key supporter of Indigenous collaboration at the hatchery, including the In the Presence of Ancestors project led by local First Nation artists and Knowledge Keepers. 

Gayle Carter and Robert Carter - 2021
Gayle Carter and Robert Carter were recognized for their long-time commitment to the ecological health and environmental stewardship of Bert Flinn Park, and for the role they played in the dedication of Bert Flinn Park as protected parkland. Gayle Carter was a member of the City Council that appointed the Bert Flinn Park Task Force, which provided direction to preserve environmentally sensitive wetlands and forested areas, in the year 2000. The Carters spend time in the park every day, observing the forest and noting changing conditions as well as trail and park issues. They dedicate a considerable amount of time to supporting forest health through volunteer work on the management and removal of invasive plant species such as English Ivy, which damages tree health. The Carters share their love for Bert Flinn with other park visitors while raising awareness about forest health and opportunities for restoration.  
Aniela Guzikowski and Carla Scott - 2020

Aniela, a 13-year-old student, was honoured for inspiring others through her actions and for raising awareness of important environmental issues. She has been an outstanding volunteer at Mossom Creek Hatchery since she was 10, taking a leadership role in water quality testing, fish husbandry, and visitor orientation. Guzikowski is also an accomplished public speaker who brought a cigarette butt awareness campaign to three municipal councils when she was 11. She also raised awareness of the dangers of cigarette butts through broadcast media and by speaking at large public events including TEDx. At community events, Guzikowski has distributed pocket ashtrays which she was able to fund with a grant from the City.

Carla Scott was recognized for working tirelessly throughout the Tri-Cities to protect bears and educate area residents about the need for improved management of wildlife attractants. She founded the “Port Moody, Tri-Cities Bear Aware” Facebook group, which shares information and tips on how to manage wildlife attractants and help improve the situation for bears in our neighborhoods. Focusing on the proper management of garbage and green waste carts, Scott has distributed countless information pamphlets and shared her knowledge with residents who live in areas with frequent bear activity. She has also volunteered with the Harvest Fruit Rescue group, which helps to reduce attractants by harvesting fruit from trees in our community. This year the group harvested 600 pounds of fruit which went to the Critter Care Wildlife Society. 

Kevin Ryan - 2019

Kevin Ryan, president and operations manager for the Burrard Inlet Marine Enhancement Society, was recognized for his accomplishments related to watershed protection and salmonid enhancement. Ryan has worked to build a solid partnership between the Mossom Creek and Noons Creek hatcheries for the benefit of both organizations. He has brought together municipal, provincial, and federal government representatives and users of Eagle Mountain trails (mountain bike, motorbike, and 4x4 groups) to discuss the impact of unregulated trail use on the environment. Results of these discussions include increased awareness and co-operation by trail users, improved signage on Eagle Mountain, and the closure of problematic trails. Ryan has also been a key participant in the formation of a Salmon in the City program to improve coho-rearing and chum-spawning habitat. This program includes removing invasive plant species and replacing with native vegetation that contributes to watershed health.

Judy Taylor-Atkinson and Jim Atkinson – 2018

Judy Taylor-Atkinson and Jim Atkinson received the Environmental Award in 2018 for their contribution to the stewardship and protection of wildlife in Port Moody, including the beaver family that arrived in the Klahanie Community in 2016, and the Great Blue Heron colony that has taken up residence along the Shoreline Trail. The Atkinsons' advocacy for the beavers contributed to Council's direction to develop a Beaver Management Plan for Port Moody that will prioritize co-existence with beavers whenever possible. The Atkinsons attend numerous stewardship and community outreach events every year, advocating for wildlife protection and restoration within our natural landscape.

Kiyoshi Takahashi – 2017

Kiyoshi Takahashi received the Environmental Award in 2017 for his efforts to protect local bat, purple martin, and owl populations in Port Moody and the Tri-Cities area. As a nationally-recognized bat expert, Takahashi's accomplishments include design, construction, and installation of bat boxes and the provision of technical advice for bat conservation and relocation. He was instrumental in the formation of the Burke Mountain Naturalists Bat Team, which conducts citizen-science-based programs to promote bat conservation through public awareness and education. Takahashi also worked with the Coast Guard to ensure new nest boxes for purple martins were installed during the replacement of old pilings in the Port Moody Arm of Burrard Inlet. Takahashi's restoration efforts contributed to the shift in provincial status of the purple martin from threatened to vulnerable.

Neil Laffra – 2016

Neil Laffra received the Environmental Award in 2016 for his volunteer contribution to the Mossom Creek Hatchery. In his role, he supports environmental education and outreach activities, manages the hatchery operations, and trains new volunteers. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Burrard Inlet Marine Enhancement Society, which manages the Mossom Creek Hatchery.

Dr. Elaine Golds – 2015

Dr. Elaine Golds received the Environmental Award in 2015. She is a well-known environmental educator, naturalist, and preservationist who has worked for decades to protect and restore the natural environment in Port Moody and the surrounding region. Her work includes conducting biological inventories and developing educational tours and materials, building community awareness, and providing input to numerous community plans, policies, and practices.

The Seaview Community Elementary School and Seaview Gardeners – 2014

Seaview Community Elementary School and Seaview Gardens received the Environmental Award in 2014 for their work in planting learning gardens at the school. These gardens provide an opportunity for students to learn about growing produce, re-establish connections with food supply, and foster a sense of community ownership and stewardship. They also created a community garden that allows families to participate and grow their own food.

Saskia Vaisey – 2013

Saskia Vaisey received the Environmental Award in 2013 for her working in raising awareness around environmental issues and climate change. She completed a marathon in Botswana to raise awareness about the impact of water shortages. She also cycled to Inuvik in order to raise awareness around climate change and to promote connections between youth.

Rod MacVicar – 2012

Rod MacVicar received the Environmental Award in 2012 for his work in starting the Mossom Creek Hatchery in 1976. He is an outstanding environmental educator and continues to volunteer at the hatchery. He is also a Director of the Reed Point Marine Education Centre and Pacific Wildlife Foundation.

Bill Nicol – 2011

Bill Nicol received the Environmental Award in 2011 for his work as a long-standing volunteer with the Port Moody Ecological Society. He's collected over 60,000 aluminum cans through litter pickup and donations. He also began a bursary program for volunteers at the Mossom Creek Hatchery who are studying earth and ocean sciences at the University of British Columbia.

John Dunn – 2010

John Dunn received the Environmental Award in 2010 for his work as a volunteer at the Mossom Creek Hatchery since 1991. He helped construct the hatchery and ensures its ongoing operation through regular maintenance work.

Ruth Foster – 2009

Ruth Foster received the Environmental Award in 2009 for her work removing invasive plants and restoring natural habitat throughout Port Moody and our parks. She also is a founder of Mossom Creek Hatchery

Heritage Award

The Heritage Award honours an individual, organization, or business that advances heritage conservation in Port Moody through special initiatives or projects that preserve, rehabilitate, restore, or create awareness of a cultural resource.

Nomination Criteria

  • Nominations must be for work completed in the City of Port Moody.
  • Work on heritage buildings and/or sites may consist of many projects/stages that may be eligible individually or collectively. 

Nominations from anyone are accepted for:

  • Restoration, rehabilitation, adaptive re-use, or building maintenance;
  • Heritage advocacy of a group or individual;
  • Efforts in community or neighbourhood revitalization; and
  • Education material, publications, or exhibits. 

Award Selection

The City of Port Moody’s Arts, Culture, and Heritage Committee accepts and reviews nominations and makes their recommendation to Council. Council reserves the right to not give awards in one or any of the categories. One winner is selected and presented with an award at our annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. The winner is also recognized on a permanent plaque at City Hall and, if applicable, given an award for their heritage building or site. 

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Heritage Award recipients

Brianne Egeto - 2022

Brianne Egeto was recognized for her pivotal role in organizing events and supporting heritage in the community. In the past decade, Egeto has supported programs for children, summer student training, and First Nations awareness through exhibits at the Port Moody Station Museum. She creates collections and displays at the museum, volunteers to digitize archival materials, and creates and updates programs for the community (e.g. Family Day events and programs for a variety of different audiences such as moms and tots or people who are learning English as a second language). Egeto is highly involved with the annual Ioco Ghost Town Day Festival and has recently helped to coordinate the Ioco Legacy project and took part in creating an Ioco Memories digital book and signage throughout the Ioco Townsite.

Jennifer Duncan and John Duncan - 2021

Jennifer Duncan and John Duncan were honoured for their efforts to restore a local heritage building. Since purchasing the Barnum Residence at 2625 St. George Street in 2003, the Duncans have spent countless hours restoring it. The house was built circa 1903-1904 by William Ernest Barnum, a lumber mill worker. Barnum lived in the residence with his wife and four children until 1924. Located in the heart of Moody Centre, the Barnum Residence was formally recognized by the City and placed on the Heritage Register in 2006, and listed on the Canadian Register in 2009.

The McLellan family - 2020

The McLellan family was recognized for their efforts to support the Port Moody Heritage Society and the Port Moody Station Museum. The contributions of Kelly, Jeff, Emily, and Madison McLellan include initiating and fundraising for Christmas Lights at the Museum, fundraising for Ioco Ghost Town Day and, most recently during the COVID-19 pandemic, leading online Easter and Mother’s Day celebrations. The McLellan family has dedicated countless hours to the preservation and celebration of Port Moody’s heritage.

Tasha Faye Evans - 2019

Tasha Faye Evans was recognized for her contributions to the community in building and leading educational presentations and programs on Indigenous culture. In 2017 and 2018, Evans led the Welcome Post Project, a series of events that celebrated Coast Salish history and culture through art, song, and storytelling. In 2019, she continued her work by leading the Stakw: Water is Life Project, which celebrated water’s significance in Coast Salish culture and the connection water has to our community and way of life. Evans has also been instrumental in organizing National Indigenous People’s Day celebrations in Port Moody. Through her work, Evans has brought together Indigenous and non-Indigenous people from Port Moody and beyond to share a unique perspective on local history.

Evergreen Line Public Art Liaison Committee – 2018

The Evergreen Line Public Art Liaison Committee received the Heritage Award in 2018 for their incorporation of art into the new Evergreen Line stations. The committee, made up of Helen Daniels, Susan Ius, Gerry Nuttall, Judy Stanley, and Stirling Ward, worked tirelessly with the Evergreen Rapid Transit Project Team to incorporate art into the new stations. When the Evergreen Extension opened in 2016, a total of seven public art pieces had been installed for all to enjoy.

Robert Simons – 2017

Robert Simons received the Heritage Award in 2017 for his contributions to the community as a heritage advocate. As president for four years and as past president, Simons has guided the long-term vision of the Port Moody Heritage Society. He has volunteered countless hours at heritage events, and worked tirelessly to encourage heritage conservation in the city. Simons has played a lead role in the preservation of the Ioco Heritage Conservation Area and the expansion of the Ioco Ghost Town Day Festival.

Golden Spike Can Can Dancers – 2016

The Golden Spike Can Can Dancers received the Heritage Award in 2016 for their advocacy of heritage conservation. They are a non-profit group with more than 30 members, who volunteer their time to perform for a variety of different events and organizations.

The “Trench Squad” – 2015

The “Trench Squad” (Guy Black Markus Fahrner, Alan Fox, John Goheen, Jim Millar, Cary Price, and Sonny Son) received the Heritage Award in 2015 for creating the McKnight Centennial WWI Trench. This exhibit, located at the Port Moody Station Museum, promotes an important part of Canadian history and pays tribute to former city engineer and resident, Augustus McKnight.

David Spence – 2014

David Spence received the Heritage Award in 2014 for his dedication to heritage advocacy. He recently created outstanding representation when he played Colonel Richard Clement Moody to celebrate the City's centennial year.

Jim Millar – 2013

Jim Millar received the Heritage Award in 2013 for his outstanding heritage advocacy in each centennial celebration event. During the event, he took photographs, organized Heritage Week, and developed the Heritage House Tour. He also Recreated the City's 1946 May Day float for the Centennial Parade. Jim was also a key contributor to the Heritage Society's book “Tracks in Time: Port Moody's First 100 Years.”

Fred Soofi – 2012

Fred Soofi received the Heritage Award in 2012 for the restoration of the Judd and Alexander residences. Both heritage buildings were revitalized using authentic building styles and materials, representing sustainable re-use of existing building and complement the heritage character of Moody Centre.

Port Moody Heritage Society and Mary Ann Cooper – 2011

The Port Moody Heritage Society and Mary Ann Cooper received the Heritage Award in 2011 for their heritage advocacy through the Ioca Ghost Town Days. This is a free community event that promotes the city's heritage. It also celebrates the establishment of a Heritage Conservation Area within the former Ioco Townsite.

Glynn Williams-Jones and Isabelle Lepine – 2010

Glynn and Isabelle received the Heritage Award in 2010 for the revitalization of their heritage home at 2710 Henry Street. The home was originally built in 1911 by Charles and Grace Smith. Glynn and Isabelle's efforts help to preserve the local culture and pay tribute to the people that built our community.

Allan and Sarah Wiser – 2009

Sara and Allan Wiser received the Heritage Award in 2009 for their sensitive revitalization of their heritage home. They transformed their 1920s era home by adding a second storey addition with two peaked dormers and a columned from porch in craftsman style.

Brenda and Jim Millar – 2008

Brenda and Jim Millar received the Heritage Award in 2008 for their efforts in heritage advocacy.

Fred Soofi and Mary Anne Cooper – 2007

Fred Soofi received the Heritage Award in 2007 for the heritage restoration of the Appleyard Residence.

Mary Anne Cooper also received the Heritage Award in 2007 for her efforts in heritage advocacy.

Heritage Award recipients - 2006

In 2006, we awarded three Heritage Awards to the following individuals and groups:

  • Ioca United Church (heritage advocacy)
  • Al and Nellie Sholund (heritage advocacy)
  • Randy and Brenda Finmore and Cynthia Gillander (heritage building revitalization)

Port Moody Station Museum – 2005

The Port Moody Station Museum received the Heritage Award in 2005 for the creation of the Heritage Tour and Inlet Trail Brochure.

Heritage Award recipients – 2004

In 2004, we distributed three Heritage Awards to the following individuals an organizations:

  • Port Moody Heritage Society (heritage conservation advocacy)
  • Oliver Schneider (community revitalisation)
  • Jan and Jen Voss (heritage building restoration)

Sports Award (Adult)

The Sports Award (Adult) recognizes exceptional contributions that have furthered the growth, reputation, and/or character of sport through sport administration, coaching, officiating, and participation. Please note the City will seek nominations for the Sports Award (Youth) between January and April 2025.

Nomination Criteria

One award will be presented. Each nomination must include two references. Items that demonstrate their role in sport, such as photographs, media clips, medals, jerseys, and trophies must be included in the nomination. 

Nominees must fit one of the following categories:

  • significant personal achievement;
  • sportsmanship;
  • historical contribution/pioneer;
  • leadership; and
  • novelty/unique contribution to sport. 

Award Selection

The City of Port Moody’s Parks and Environment Committee accepts and reviews nominations and makes their recommendation to Council. Council reserves the right to not give awards in one or any of the categories. One winner is presented with an award at our annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. The winner is also recognized on a permanent plaque at the Recreation Complex. The winner will also have their memorabilia items on display at the Recreation Complex for at least one year. 

Nominate someone for a Sports Award (Adult) today!

Sport Award recipients

 Allen Jones - 2021
Allen Jones was recognized for his contributions as a football coach. For over 20 years, Jones had a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of young Port Moody boys and girls with his enthusiasm and commitment to his community, his school, and the sport of football. Jones started the football programs at Port Moody Junior Secondary in 1970 and Port Moody Senior Secondary in 1973. His commitment to school and community culminated with a provincial championship in 1991 as the head coach of the team at Port Moody Senior Secondary. Jones was, and still is, a legend to many people who grew up in Port Moody. Coaching football in the Tri-Cities from 1965 to 2016, Jones touched countless lives while giving young men and women the opportunity to participate in the game of football. He was a pioneer in breaking down gender barriers, encouraging female participation in the game through initiatives like his Football for Females night school course that ran for over three years in the mid-1970s at Port Moody Senior Secondary.
 Sports Award recipients – 2020

Brandon Kirby 

Brandon Kirby was honoured for his accomplishments both in the lacrosse box and within the lacrosse community. Kirby played for the Port Moody Thunder Lacrosse Association and was selected to play for the Team BC Box Lacrosse team – this team achieved second place in the 2019 National Tournament. At the age of 12, he was selected to play for the U15 Team BC Field Lacrosse Team at the SandStorm National Tournament; as a result of Kirby’s performance, he was selected for the Evolve World Field Lacrosse team for the 2020 and 2021 seasons. In early 2020, he also began refereeing minor box lacrosse. More than just an exceptional athlete, Kirby works hard to support his team and the broader lacrosse community through sportsmanship, teamwork, refereeing, and the mentorship of fellow young athletes.

John Macdonald

John Macdonald was recognized for his accomplishments as a football and rugby player and a coach. Macdonald won a gold medal for rugby at the 1984 BC Summer Games. He also played for the SFU football team from 1984 to 1988, serving as a team captain in his final two seasons. He suited up for the BC Lions in 1989 and 1990 and travelled to Russia to coach football during the 1991 off-season. Although he was offered a spot with the Calgary Stampeders that year, Macdonald returned to SFU to finish his degree and work as an assistant coach. Now a deputy fire chief with Port Coquitlam Fire and Emergency Services, he coaches high school football and minor hockey and volunteers with firefighter charitable programs.

Sharron Tulk

Sharron Tulk was recognized for her leadership as well as her service and commitment to the hockey community. For eight years, Tulk volunteered with the Port Moody Amateur Hockey Association (PMAHA), leading an exceptional team of volunteers as president from 2012 to 2019. Her goals as a leader were to ensure that the PMAHA community is a welcoming, inclusive, and accessible space for athletes, families, and supporters. During her time as president, PMAHA secured partnerships with the Vancouver Canucks Learn to Play and Canadian Tire/Bauer First Shift programs, which ensured that the youngest players had access to free equipment and opportunities for hockey development. These programs also allowed the board to establish a coach-in-training program for U18 players.

 Sports Award recipients – 2019

Doug MacDonald

Doug MacDonald was recognized for his achievements in ice hockey. MacDonald was the first Port Moody hockey player to make it into the National Hockey League. He was drafted in 1989 by the Buffalo Sabres, and played 11 games with the team between 1992 and 1995. Since 2014, he’s worked as a scout for the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Jeff Gombar

Jeff Gombar was recognized for his achievements as a lacrosse player and coach. In 1988, Gombar was a first-round draft pick of the Coquitlam Adanacs and played 13 seasons with various teams in the Western Lacrosse Association. As a member of Team Canada, Gombar competed at world championships in Manchester (1994), Baltimore (1998), and Perth (2002), winning one bronze and two silver medals. He has been a head coach for Simon Fraser University and an assistant coach for Team Canada. Gombar was an assistant head coach for Team Canada’s 2006 Men’s Field Lacrosse Team, inducted into the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame after defeating the United States to win their first world title in 28 years

Katrina Voss

Katrina Voss was recognized for her achievements in alpine skiing. In 2016, competing in the BC Provincial Open Series Under 16 races, Voss earned two silver medals and one bronze. That same year, she won a pair of gold medals in the dual slalom and the single pole slalom race during the Zone Finals at Mount Washington. Voss now competes in FIS (International Ski Federation) events in downhill, slalom, giant slalom, and super giant slalom (super-G).

 Sports Award recipients – 2018

Brian Kenny 

Brian Kenny was recognized for his contributions to dragon boating in Port Moody and his work with the Coquitlam Crunch Diversity Challenge. He has volunteered with the Nothin' Dragon Masters team since 2007, coaching both seniors and youth. Kenny became the president of the Nothin' Dragon Masters in 2013. In 2016, the Nothin' Dragon Masters became the new co-benefactors, hosts, and organizers of the Coquitlam Crunch Diversity Challenge. This annual event raises money for the Community Diversity Fund, which provides grants to Tri-Cities individuals, non-profit organizations, or community groups working to remove barriers for groups of people identified by the community as being socially or financially marginali

Paul Slaymaker and Penny Plamondon

Paul Slaymaker and Penny Plamondon were recognized for their contribution to the community as owners of the Runners' Den in Newport Village. Slaymaker and Plamondon opened the shop to support runners, hikers, and walkers in the Tri-Cities. They lead groups of runners and walkers through training for a variety of distances, from short (five kilometres) to long (marathons). The Runners' Den is all about community, hosting athletic events, offering support to schools, and participating in fundraisers. Plamondon is a Top 10 Ironman athlete, as well as an accomplished marathoner and ultra marathoner. Slaymaker, who is also a marathoner and ultra marathoner, represented Canada at the 100 Kilometre World Championships.

 Sport Award recipients – 2017

Julia Budd

Julia Budd was recognized for her athletic achievements as a kickboxer and mixed martial artist (MMA), and for her work as an instructor at the Gibson Mixed Martial Arts School in Port Moody. Budd is currently the number three ranked 145-pound female MMA fighter in the world. She teaches self-defence and mixed martial arts to men, women, and children, and is an inspiration to athletes of all ages.

Johnny Millin

Johnny Millin was recognized for his contribution to the community as a coach, vice president, league coordinator, and volunteer for the Port Moody Soccer Club. Millin started volunteering and coaching when his children were young, and continues to coach and mentor young athletes even though his own children have graduated from the program. For three years in a row, he was instrumental in helping the Boys Under 17 Metro Select League team make it to the Provincial Championships. Millin is a highly-respected member of the BC soccer community.

 Sport Award recipients – 2016

Rich Chambers

Rich Chambers' name is synonymous with basketball in British Columbia. For the last 40 years, he has been helping young basketball players build their skills and confidence, both on and off the court. Chambers has coached high school boys' teams to two Provincial Triple-A championships, and the 2016 U15 provincial girls' team to second place at the national championships. Chambers also has several years of university coaching experience, serving as head coach of the UBC men's team, assistant coach of the SFU men's team and the UBC women's and head coach of the University of Victoria women's team. Since 2002, Chambers has been involved with Team Canada, and for the last six years, he has served as head coach of the junior national's team. Chambers has won numerous coaching awards, including BC High School Coach of the Year (in 1985 and 2003), and he is a 2013 inductee into the Basketball BC Hall of Fame. He is currently a head coach for the Centre for Performance with Basketball BC. Locally, Chambers coached at Moody Junior Secondary from 1972 to 1974, and is currently co-running (with Tony Scott and Don Van Os) the True North Basketball Club, which provides development opportunities for Tri-City players aged 9-17.

Perry Solkowski

Perry Solkowski is an award-winning sports broadcaster and public speaker whose focus on amateur sport has had a significant impact on thousands of kids throughout the Tri-Cities and the Lower Mainland. More than 15 years ago, Solkowski started “Perry's Prospects,” his unique look at children involved in sports. This popular television segment told heartwarming stories about children giving their all, making friends, and learning valuable life skills through sport. Solkowski has watched some of his prospects turn into Olympians as part of his broadcasting duties during the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver and the 2012 Summer Games in London. Solkowski has been a KidSport ambassador for the past 17 years. Through his work with KidSport, Solkowski has hosted more than 400 underprivileged children at two separate super-camps, giving children a day to remember at BC Place and the Richmond Olympic Oval. Solkowski shares KidSport's vision that all kids should have the chance to play organized sports. Closer to home, Solkowski coached his daughter's Port Moody soccer team for five years, and then moved on to coach a boys' team for two years. He also spent three years coaching Tri-City girls' basketball through the Steve Nash Youth Basketball Program.

 Sports Award recipients – 2015

Wayne Norton

Wayne Norton, also known as “Mr. Port Moody”, grew up and attended school in Port Moody Centre. He and his family have lived on Port Moody's North Shore since 1966. An athletic scholarship took Norton to Spokane's Whitworth College where he was scouted by the New York Yankees. He played for AA and AAA teams including the Vancouver Mounties AAA baseball team owned by Nat Bailey.

Norton transitioned from player to administrator and manager. He was technical director of Baseball BC from the early 1970s into the 80s. During that time, he oversaw the development of training manuals and was national senior team coach, manager, and executive. He managed Team Canada at the 1975 Pan American Games. Wayne created the junior national team and in 1986, along with Pat Gillick, founded the National Baseball Institute.

He has worked as a scout with the Montreal Expos, Baltimore Orioles, and since 2000, with the Seattle Mariners. Twice he was named Canadian Scout of the Year by the Canadian Baseball Network (1998 and 2013) and was the Mariners' International Scout of the Year in 2007. He was inducted into the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame in 2016.

Geraldine Donnelly

Geraldine Donnelly, better known as Geri, is a pioneer of Canadian women's soccer. Born in London, England she played street soccer with local boys before her family moved to Port Moody, when she was eight.

Donnelly played youth soccer for Port Moody, at a time when girls' soccer here was in its infancy, before moving onto the Canadian National Team and the Vancouver Whitecaps.

Geri was an original member of Canada's women's national soccer team back in 1986. She scored the first two goals in program history, a 2:1 victory over USA on July 9, 1986. She participated in two FIFA Women's World Cups (Sweden 1995 and USA 1999) and won one CONCACAF Championship (1998). She also won Canadian Player of the Year honours in 1996 and 1999. Geri made a total of 71 appearances for the national team, “retiring” in 1999 as Canada's all-time leader in appearances.

She ended her playing career in 2009 after guiding Surrey United to six consecutive provincial titles. Donnelly was named to Canada's all- time women's team in 2012 and was selected as a member of the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame in 2014 and was inducted into the BC Sports Hall of Fame in 2016.

Jay Prentice

Jay Prentice has lived in Port Moody with his family since he was five years old and graduated from Heritage Woods Secondary School. From an early age Jay has always enjoyed and excelled in athletics. He has participated as a Special Olympics athlete since 2007. He began in the Special Olympics playing baseball and now participates in various Winter and Summer Games sports including speed skating, snowshoeing, swimming, basketball, fitness, soccer and track & field.

Jay has represented BC, as well as received medals, at both the Canadian National, Summer and Winter games, in addition he has also received several medals at the BC Games. In Jay's first year of speed skating he qualified for the BC Winter Games, his exceptional results lead him to the 2012 Canadian Winter games in St. Albert, Alberta where he won Bronze, Silver and Gold in 3 Speed Skating events. Jay is an extraordinary athlete and became the fastest male in BC in the 100m and 200m, qualifying him to go to the 2014 Canadian National Summer games where he won Bronze in the 400m event.

 Sports Award recipients – 2014

Ryan Johansen

Ryan Johansen grew up in Port Moody playing for the Port Moody Minor Hockey association. He competed from the double-A level through to bantam, and won a peewee provincial championship with the club.

After his first WHL season with the Portland Winterhawks, Johansen was selected fourth overall by the Columbus Blue Jackets in the 2010 NHL Entry Draft. In the 2013-2014 season, he had a breakout year, scoring 33 goals and 30 assists for a career high of 63 points. He is the third Blue Jacket in franchise history to post 30+ goals in one season. Internationally, Johansen won a silver medal at the 2011 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships, and was named to the Tournament All-Star Team.

Jamie Constable

Jamie Constable is a long time resident of Port Moody and has been involved with many sports as a volunteer. More specifically, she has been involved with Port Moody Lacrosse for well over 20 years.

Even though her children have graduated from minor lacrosse, Constable's commitment to volunteering continues. She has generously dedicated her to time in a number of roles, including the game and practice scheduler, treasurer, equipment manager, fundraising coordinator, tournament coordinator and special event & photo day coordinator. Participants know she's the “go to person” within the association on a wide range of information.

Bob Favelle

Bob Favelle has been involved with Port Moody Soccer for over 16 years as a coach, mentor, and advocate. His long term vision for the club and the sport make him a well-respected member of the soccer community.

Youth who graduate to an adult level of play have already benefitted from Favelle's vision. He has created an adult soccer program that has grown to over 10 teams of male and female players.

In 2006, he organized the Hollywood United Soccer Club vs. Vancouver Whitecaps Alumni fundraising celebrity soccer match. The event proceeds were used to purchase the bleachers that overlook Trasolini Field behind the Recreation Complex.

Port Moody Secondary – Cheer Team

The Port Moody Secondary Cheer program began in 1994 under the guidance of teacher Liz Gigante. The 2002 Port Moody Blues Cheerleading team was the first Canadian squad to win the USA Nationals, held in Anaheim, California.

Following the first USA National win, the 2003 team won the PCA Canadian Nationals, held in Toronto. In 2004, the team headed back to Anaheim for another USA Nationals win.

This elite group has also won a number of regional competitions in the Pacific Northwest each year.


  • Gigante Ulrich, Elizabeth - Coach
  • Powell, Kristy - Assistant Coach
  • Rittinger, Cloe Jade - Captain
  • Wong, Cassie - Co-Captain

Team members:

  • Allard, Dan
  • Boechler, Courtney
  • Brooks, Victoria
  • Chalmers, Lara
  • Choi, Jessica
  • Hird, Heather
  • Jay, Brian
  • Leblond, Jenelle
  • Linden, Alicia
  • Majlath, Kristine
  • Matheson, Marsha
  • McConnell, Heather
  • Morrison, Carolyn
  • Nagy, Jesse
  • Naldoza, Kristine
  • Ono, Jayme
  • Panwar, Jaya
  • Sorochan, Casey
  • Stewart, Fallon
  • Taylor, Sophie
  • Terry, Jenna
  • Terry, Shauna
  • Wong, Ella
  • Woodley, Clarissa

Tracy Wilson

Tracy Wilson is an Olympian, Canadian Hall of Fame inductee and Order of Canada recipient. She also grew up skating in Port Moody with the Inlet Skating Club.

Wilson and partner Rob McCall dominated ice dancing in Canada, winning seven National Championships between 1982 and 1988. Beginning in 1986, the pair also took home three consecutive bronze medals at the World Championships. At the 1988 Calgary Olympics, Wilson and McCall were the first Canadian ice dance team to win a medal, capturing bronze in front of a home crowd. Wilson has been a figure skating analyst during the winter Olympics for both CBS and NBC since 1992.

Nominations for all Civic Awards: Nominations can be submitted by anyone. Nominations should be made without the nominee(s) being informed of the nomination and the confidentiality of the nominations should always be maintained. 

Selection process for all Civic Awards: Committees will review nominations in closed meetings and forward their recommendations to a Closed Council meeting for consideration. 

Notification for all Civic Awards: The Mayor’s Office will reach out to award winners, inviting them to the annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. 

Presentation for all Civic Awards: Civic Awards will be presented by the mayor or the respective Committee Chair(s) at the Volunteer Appreciation Dinner.