Candidate resources

The following information is a collection of resources for declared candidates running for mayor, councilor, or school trustee:

 All candidates meetings/debates 

The City does not host candidate events. However, if your organization is hosting an all candidates meeting or debate, please email us your event details. Campaign events for individual candidates or elector organizations will not be posted.

Candidate Meet and Greet – Port Moody Farmers Market
Wednesday, September 21, 2022
Port Moody Recreation Complex (Parking Lot), 300 Ioco Road
No registration required, free admission

All Candidates Meeting – Pleasantside Community Association
Thursday, September 22, 2022
Old Orchard Hall, 646 Bentley Road

Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce All-Candidates Debate – Port Moody
Wednesday, September 28, 2022
Inlet Theatre, 100 Newport Drive, Port Moody
Doors open at 6:30pm, no registration required, free admission
More information

Mayoral Debate and School Trustee Meet and Greet – The Residents of Pleasantside Ioco Communities Association
Thursday, September 29, 2022
Old Orchard Park, 600 Bentley Road

Councillor Candidates Electoral Debate – The Residents of Pleasantside Ioco Communities Association
Thursday, October 6, 2022
Old Orchard Hall, 646 Bentley Road

 Election signs 
Political signs promoting a candidate or party in a civic election is permitted by bylaw, with the following provisions: 
  • Campaign advertising signage can only be erected after 7am, Saturday, October 1, 2022. Campaign advertising signs erected prior to this time and date on both private and public property are in violation of Election Bylaw No. 3367 and Sign Bylaw No. 2403, and are subject to removal at the candidates’ expense.
  • Please click here for an excerpt from Bylaw No. 3367 regarding the placement of campaign advertising signage and a map of permitted public locations for campaign advertising signs.
  • For questions on campaign financing rules related to campaign advertising, please contact Elections BC.
100-metre no campaigning boundaries from voting places
Section 163(4) of the Local Government Act states that election campaigning cannot take place within 100 metres of a voting place. This includes the following: canvassing or soliciting votes; placement of signs; distribution of documents/material; and carrying, wearing, or supplying flags, badges, or other things showing support or opposition for a particular candidate, elector organization, or campaign organizer. Please refer to these maps  delineating the 100m no campaigning perimeters around each voting place.
 Campaigning restrictions on General Voting Day

In addition to the 100-meter campaign activity prohibition around voting places on all voting days, there are further campaigning restrictions on General Voting Day that candidates should be aware of.  

Page 45 of the Guide to Local Elections Campaign Financing in BC published by Elections BC outlines these campaign restrictions, and candidates are strongly encouraged to be familiar with them.  Questions regarding these specific General Voting Day campaigning restrictions should be directed to Elections BC.

 City of Port Moody logo use

The City’s official logo and wordmark are copyright-protected, the use of the City’s official logo and wordmark is restricted and must appear only in official City of Port Moody corporate documents, publications, materials, advertisements, sponsorships and for promoting City events. Any other use of the logo and wordmark requires written approval from the City’s Corporate Communications Division; without such approval, the use of the logo and wordmark is prohibited by law. 

Candidates may substitute the official City logo with another logo or marker of their own design, but it must not resemble either the City’s official logo nor wordmark.

 Campaign financing
Elections BC is responsible for administering campaign financing, election advertising, and third party sponsor rules. Please visit their website for information on these topics. 
 Provincial resources 
The Province produces a number of helpful guides and videos for people considering running for office.