The City of Port Moody is committed to financial transparency. We make all of our finances available to the public. This allows our constituents to hold us accountable in our spending. Review our open data portal for detailed financial statements and Council expense reports. You can review our annual budgets, Statement of Financial Information, and long-term financial plan.

Asset management

Thriving entities, public or private, need functioning assets that are in good repair to generate ongoing revenues and deliver uninterrupted services. To ensure the City of Port Moody maintains its current service levels for future generations, we must develop proper asset management planning and renewal strategies. Just as a homeowner needs to maintain and eventually replace their roof, so too must the City maintain and eventually replace its roads, water system, sewer system, parks, and civic buildings. Therefore, it is best practice for a community to develop a formal Asset Management plan to guide infrastructure investments as well as the ongoing maintenance and replacement of existing assets to ensure they are properly managed over the long term.