Each year the City of Port Moody sets an annual budget. Balancing the delivery of services with property taxes and user fees to meet community needs, is the purpose budget process.

Current budget

View the 2019 Budget Booklet for a full breakdown of our current revenue and expense streams. We provide detailed information about the City services we are funding and how much they cost.

Review the 2019-2023 Five Year Financial Plan for more detailed information about the City' budget and financial plans.

Budget consultation

Each year the City undertakes a public consultation on the budget. If you would like to provide input on the budge, please attend our public consultation period.

Operating budget

Our operating budget covers spending related to the day-to-day operations of City departments. These daily expenses help to keep our streets and homes safe, and ensure that we have clean water running through the taps, garbage and recycling trucks on the road, and recreational and cultural facilities open for the public. Typical examples of operating expenses are:

  • employee salaries and wages
  • supplies, materials, and equipment
  • property, liability and vehicle insurance
  • maintenance

Capital budget

The City's capital budgets fund larger, long-term projects, mostly related to maintaining, upgrading, and replacing the City's infrastructure and facilities. It's important to make long-term plans for scheduled maintenance and replacement of these valuable, tangible capital assets (TCAs) to ensure they are in place to deliver services.

Past budgets

Review our past budgets: