preliminary election results

Preliminary election results are posted in the table below as they become available after 8pm on General Voting Day (October 15, 2022). Tallies are reported for each vote tabulator machine used in the election – two for advance polls, one for mail ballots, and seven for General Voting Day polling locations. Once the initial count has been completed for all 10 machines, you’ll see a number in the “Total votes for each candidate” column. 

Please refresh this web page often to ensure you are seeing the most up-to-date information.  

The numbers shown below have not been certified. Official election results will be declared and posted to this page by 4pm on Wednesday, October 19, 2022. Official results were originally expected on October 17, but there has been a delay due to an internal recount to verify the preliminary results. The Chief Election Officer has initiated the recount because the preliminary results show a close result – a difference of two votes – between two of the candidates who ran for the position of councillor. Read our October 17, 2022 news story to learn more.