Given the trend of rising housing costs in Metro Vancouver, we are committed to maintaining an affordable and diverse housing market. Renting in Port Moody is more affordable than owning a home. However, it is still expensive for many residents. We have put a series of tenant policies in place to help protect renters from increased costs and displacement.

Tenant protection and relocation policies

Are you a potential developer, landlord or tenant in Port Moody? Review our tenant protection and relocation policies.

Rental Protection Policy

The Rental Protection Policy discourages the removal of affordable and sub-market rental housing in Port Moody. This policy promotes the replacement of existing rental units with those of a similar form, size, and number. 

Tenant Relocation Assistance Policy

The Tenant Relocation Assistance Policy lays out the City’s guidelines around notification, financial compensation, and relocation should a tenant be displaced. The City requires a Relocation Coordinator to assist tenants with finding new housing if they are displaced as a result of the redevelopment of an existing rental unit.

Strata Conversion Policy

The Strata Conversion Policy states that Council must consider the priority of rental accommodation over privately-owned housing in the area. 

BC tenant protection

The Government of BC also has a series of guidelines and resources to help protect the rights of tenants in the province. This includes laws surrounding rental and leasing agreements.

Tenant services

There are external supports and resources available to tenants at risk of losing their tenancy and/or looking for rental housing.

BC Housing has a list of non-market rental buildings and co-ops available to those in need. Individuals can apply via the Housing Registry

BC Housing also has rental subsidy programs: Rental Assistance Program (RAP) and Shelter Aid For Elderly Renters (SAFER) for low-income seniors (60+ years old). Individuals can apply via the website.