Parklets are temporary spaces built on public land such as a boulevards or unrestricted parking spots where people can sit, relax, and enjoy their surroundings. With elements like tables, chairs, benches, public art, lighting, umbrellas, bicycle parking, and landscaping features, they create a vibrant street life and help members of the community feel connected to each other. 

We encourage Port Moody businesses and non-profit organizations to consider sponsoring a parklet in a public space. Sponsorship involves taking on all costs associated with design, installation, and maintenance. A parklet can benefit all businesses in the surrounding area and the neighbourhood as a whole by creating a welcoming space that draws foot traffic and encourages social interaction.

Parklet Program guidelines 

A parklet must be:

  • open and free to all members of the public, with no need to purchase anything from nearby businesses;
  • wheelchair accessible; and
  • visually distinct from adjacent businesses – it should be clear that it’s a public space rather than an extension of a business. 

Table service and advertising, including logos and other branding, are not permitted in a parklet. A small sign recognizing project sponsors and donors is acceptable. A parklet must have a sign indicating it’s a public space open to all.

Interested in sponsoring a parklet?

Consider your costs
The City is keen to support parklets, but we want you to be prepared for the costs associated with developing one. Applicants are responsible for all costs, including design, materials, permits, signage, construction, installation, maintenance, and removal. The cost for a parklet ranges depending on its size and the complexity of its design elements, but can typically fall between $10,000 and $15,000.

Talk to your neighbours
A parklet is an important neighbourhood feature, and one of the goals is to bring together the local community. Work on gaining community support early by talking with neighbours, including other businesses. It’s valuable to understand potential concerns early on so that they can be addressed in the design development process. Before you can apply to develop a parklet, you will need documented community approval from 66 per cent of the business owners on the same block as the proposed parklet location.

Talk to the City
If you’re interested in developing a parklet, please email Joji Kumagai, Manager of Economic Development, at