The Official Community Plan (OCP) is our long-term vision for the City of Port Moody. This document provides the City with policies to guide land use, services, and the physical, social, and economic changes in our community. All developments and land use must follow the guidelines presented in the OCP and Zoning Bylaw.

Port Moody 2050: updating our OCP (paused)

We're updating Port Moody's Official Community Plan. Port Moody 2050 is our process to gather public input and draft updates the OCP. How will our community evolve over the next 30 years? Visit to learn more. 

UPDATE: As the B.C. government’s housing initiatives and related legislation will impact Port Moody’s OCP, we have made the difficult decision to pause public engagement on Port Moody 2050. We anticipate public engagement will resume in early 2025.

Why do we need an OCP?

The OCP provides direction on how Port Moody should grow in the coming years. It establishes a guide for how the City considers and approves future development. An OCP is adopted as a bylaw by Council under the authority of the Local Government Act, taking into account residents' and property owners' views about the future, regional trends, and legislative requirements.

What is the difference between the OCP and Zoning Bylaw?

The implementation of the OCP occurs through the Zoning Bylaw. The Zoning Bylaw includes specific requirements that development must comply with (e.g. permitted density, site coverage, land use and parking). The OCP establishes policies, guidelines and designates lands for specific uses that are supported by Council and the community. This includes Development Permit Areas and related design guidelines which provide additional direction and guidance for development.

Review the Official Community Plan

We have provided the Official Community Plan in its entirety, or you can review individual sections of the document.

OCP maps

The Official Community Plan contains a series of maps to help illustrate some of the guidelines presented in the plan. Please review the following maps contained in the OCP:

OCP appendices

The following is a list of appendices that accompany the Official Community Plan for Port Moody: