A Heritage Revitalization Agreement (HRA) is a conservation tool that can be used protect a heritage building or property. An HRA is approved by Council and may vary land use, density, and other regulations set out in the Zoning Bylaw. The terms of an HRA supersede local zoning regulations. In exchange, the property owner agrees to restore, preserve and protect the heritage building or property.

Pre-Application Review 

As the first step in your HRA application process we recommend that you apply for a Pre-Application Review prior to submitting your subsequent more complex application. This preliminary review provides a coordinated response from relevant City departments to help provide early identification of any major development considerations. See Pre-Application Review to learn how you can submit an application.

Submit an HRA application 

Prior to submitting an HRA application, we recommend that you consult with City planning staff by emailing planning@portmoody.ca or phoning 604-469-4540 to make sure that you have all of the necessary paperwork. This will help you save time during the application process.

  1. Review the Development Application Submission Requirements Checklist (PDF). Note that a new sustainability report card came into effect April 1, 2022. Visit Sustainability Report Card for more information.
  2. Visit Submit a Development Application for detailed application information and to submit your application online.

As part of the application review process you will be required to hold one or more Community Information Meetings to inform the neighbourhood or community of your proposal as well as provide an opportunity for feedback on the proposal.

Application review

Once your application has been submitted, it will be reviewed by a variety of internal departments, external agencies, community members, and Council for consideration of approval. You will be given an opportunity to revise your proposal based on feedback received throughout the process. This process can take between six and twelve months, though the timing may vary depending on a number of factors, including: complexity, quality of submissions, application volume etc.