Port Moody is located at the head of Burrard Inlet, a short 20 minute drive from Vancouver film studios. We are a film-friendly city with a variety of film locations.

Apply to film in Port Moody

To support the BC film and production industry our staff provide personalized film location and permit assistance.  To begin the process please review and follow the Filming Checklist.  Any forms or documents you may need can be found under Resources.

Filming Checklist

Submit Filming Permit Application.
Provide Certificate of Insurance, naming the City of Port Moody as additional insured.
Provide Filming Notification letter for City review and approval.

During application review additional information may be requested such as:

Provide detailed Site Plan and Map of proposed filming location(s) and/or area(s) that indicates:

  • street occupancy
  • parking request(s)
  • location of generator(s)
  • location of lighting equipment
  • interior and/or exterior location(s)
  • shuttle loading/holding
  • additional information on request

Complete a Highway Use Permit if your production disrupts the normal flow of traffic or affects parking, sidewalk, or bike path access.
Request an extension to the City's Noise Bylaw for filming occurring outside of filming curfew of 7am - 10pm Sunday - Saturday (subject to polling).
Poll the neighbourhood to communicate filming activity and seek neighbourhood support:

  • Outline motor vehicle changes (i.e. parking, intermittent traffic control or road closures)
  • Outline details related to special effects, pyrotechnics and/or sound effects

After all required documentation has been received and reviewed, an estimate including permit, fees, and deposit will be provided by the Production Coordinator.  All filming fees and deposits must be received prior to permit issuance.


Benefits to our community

It is recognized that filming brings important socio-economic benefits to our community. By assisting this creative sector, the City is helping develop creativity, talent, skills, and employment in a creative field driven by knowledge and passion. An estimated 40% of productions made in Canada are made in B.C., resulting in more than 71,000 full-time equivalent jobs and generating over $3.2 billion towards B.C.’s economy in 2019 (Creative BC, 2019). In 2019, a minimum of 476 Port Moody residents worked for film production companies totaling an estimated minimum of $25,821,557 in personal income.

The City of Port Moody has been issuing film permits since the late 1990’s. Since 2015, the number of productions filming in Port Moody has increased annually. For those people familiar with Port Moody, it is not surprising that some of the most popular areas for filming in our city are the same places that our residents love to visit and enjoy. Film Companies are increasingly interested in the character and look of Moody Centre, Newport Village, our Municipal and Regional Parks, as well as our residential neighborhoods around the city.

In 2021 a Community Film Reserve was established to help fund future, small scale projects across our community, such as playground equipment, park benches, bicycle racks, and art projects. Film productions are able to contribute to the reserve, and in turn contribute to some of the projects that help make Port Moody a wonderful place to live, work and play.

Filming in B.C.

For more information about the film industry in BC please visit Creative BC where you will find a variety of information including: