Filming in Port MoodyLocated at the head of Burrard Inlet just 20 kilometres east of Vancouver, we are a film-friendly city with a variety of distinct locations and a clear permit process. Contact us today and our experienced staff will help you in setting up your next film project.

Let's get started

Learn more from our Filming Guidelines, which takes you through our permit procedure, stunt and special effect process, and the insurance information that's required. Take a moment to review our Filming Rates. When you are ready to start the process fill out our Filming Application along with these additional forms (if required):

Letter templates

We have letter templates available for polling and notifying our residents:

Student filming

We waive application fees for film school projects that meet the following criteria:

  1. the project must be assigned by the instructor of a recognized school, and be part of the curriculum;
  2. all personnel working on the project are doing so without financial compensation with the exception of industry professionals required for safety, stunts, specials effects, etc.
  3. the project is for academic use only, not to be used for commercial gain; and
  4. there is no impact on parking, traffic or the public without prior written consent from the City of Port Moody.

Please see our Student Filming Guidelines for more information and how to fill out our Student Filming Application.

Want to know more about filming in BC?

Check out Creative BC where you will find information on the Provincial Film Commission who are committed to supporting, promoting and sustaining the success of BC's motion picture industry. Check out their Location Library, and even see what is currently In Production.