Economic development is a high priority for City Council and the Port Moody community. We are actively working to increase local employment, with a particular focus on knowledge-based employment that aligns with the skills and education of Port Moody residents. We’ll achieve this goal by meeting the following five objectives:

  1. increase total employment floor space development across the community
  2. increase upper-floor employment space in the Moody Centre neighbourhood and other potential office locations
  3. increase the number of operating businesses in the community
  4. improve the balance between Port Moody-based jobs and residents
  5. improve the alignment between Port Moody workforce and Port Moody jobs

To learn more about our goals and objectives, and the actions we’ll take to achieve our economic vision, please review our Economic Development Master Plan.

You can find additional information about economic development in Port Moody by reading our Economic Study and our Tourism Strategic Plan. The Tourism Strategic Plan outlines goals to enhance and increase tourism experiences to capitalize on Port Moody’s recreation, arts and culture, and food and beverage attractions. Additionally, you can find information about the Industrial Land Strategy, and discover the approach Port Moody is taking towards attracting and retaining industrial investment. 

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