If you are constructing or making changes to a new multi-family, mixed-use, commercial, or industrial building, or in certain cases a single-family dwelling, you'll need to apply for a development permit. Development permits are authorized under the Local Government Act. The Official Community Plan (OCP) includes specific Development Permit Area guidelines for different areas of the city. You should review the applicable guidelines prior to applying for a development permit.

Development permit areas

The following Development Permit Areas in the OCP establish guidelines for commercial, industrial, and multi-family developments, Detached Accessory Dwelling Units (laneway homes), heritage conservation, lands subject to hazardous conditions, and development in environmentally sensitive areas:

  • Development Permit Area 1: Neighbourhood Residential
  • Development Permit Area 2: Moody Centre
  • Development Permit Area 3: Inlet Centre
  • Development Permit Area 4: Environmentally Sensitive Areas
  • Development Permit Area 5: Hazardous Lands
  • Development Permit Area 7: Detached Accessory Dwelling Unit Intensive Residential Development
  • Ioco Townsite Heritage Conservation Area Guidelines
  • Moody Centre Heritage Conservation Area Guidelines