Our approach to land use and development planning focuses on social, environmental, economic, and cultural sustainability, so that current and future residents benefit from positive change – change that continues the vibrant, welcoming and unique feel of our community.

We use the Official Community Plan to guide decisions on planning and land use management, and the Zoning Bylaw to regulate how land, buildings, and other structures may be used in our city.

Our development application review process includes careful consideration by City staff, stakeholders, and Council. As part of this process residents are encouraged to give feedback to help inform decisions about proposed developments.

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Develop your property
Development application process

Depending on the scale of your project and the location of your property you may be required to submit different types of development applications prior to applying for a building permit.

See Development Application Process to learn more about the various development applications you may require.

Costs and fees
An important part of any potential development application is the consideration of the associated costs and fees. See Costs and Fees to learn more about application fees, development cost charges, school site acquisition charges, community amenity contributions or bonus density contributions, and our Public Art Policy.
Building permits
Before you begin demolition or construction, see Building and Renovating to learn more about the different types of building permits that may be required.

current development applications

Give your input on a proposed development
Current development applications map

Use the map to view current development applications and details on the milestones they've reached within the review process.

Give your input

Early input

City planning staff welcome your input in the initial stages of their review of a development application. If you would like to provide your feedback, please contact us by email or by phone at 604-469-4540.  

Engage Port Moody

Significant development applications are also posted on Engage Port Moody, our online public engagement hub. Visit engage.portmoody.ca to give your feedback to help inform decisions about significant proposed development projects.

Council public input

You can also share your feedback directly with Council on development applications that are open for public input at a Council Meeting or have reached the Public Hearing phase. 

See Public Hearing and Planning Notices for information on upcoming public hearings and Council public input opportunities.

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Community planning
Regulation and policy
Zoning Bylaw

The Zoning Bylaw outlines the building and zoning regulations for different areas within the City.

See Zoning Bylaw to learn more about the permitted uses and development rules that apply to your property.

Official Community Plan

To learn more about our long-term vision for the City of Port Moody see the Official Community Plan (OCP). This document provides the City with policies to guide land use, services, and the physical, social, and economic changes in our community. 

Land use contracts

Land use contracts (LUCs) – site-specific legal agreements between local governments and landowners – were allowed in B.C. between 1971 and 1978. However, in 2014, the Local Government Act was changed to terminate all land use contracts by June 30, 2024.

See Land Use Contracts to learn more about LUCs in Port Moody.

Growth planning

From time to time, the City reviews long term growth scenarios by estimating potential development and population growth over time. 

See Development Growth Projections to learn more about the growth potential and future facility considerations.


BC Energy Step Code

As part of development applications that require OCP amendments, rezoning, subdivision, or minor development permits applicants are expected to conduct energy modelling and provide a statement to the City that their proposed design is able to meet the requirements of Energy Step Code that will be in place at the time of their application.

See BC Energy Step Code to learn more about the compliance requirements in Port Moody.

Sustainability report card

A sustainability report card is one tool we use to achieve sustainable development projects. It is required for all rezoning, development permit and heritage alteration permit applications.

See Sustainability Report Card to learn more.

Heritage protection

See Heritage Protection and Development to learn more about the variety of tools Port Moody uses to preserve places, buildings, and areas that have heritage value.