Adaptable housing is designed and built so that accessibility features can be added more easily and inexpensively after construction. This will benefit anyone whose mobility is limited due to age, disability or illness, making it easier for them to function more independently in their own home.

New standards for the design and construction of adaptable housing have been added to the BC Building Code. The new standards include wider doorways, accessible entrances, extra reinforcement in bathroom walls to allow grab bars to be installed, and easy to use light switches and door handles. See Provincial Adaptable Housing Standards to learn more about the changes to support building accessibility.

Read the Building Accessibility Handbook 2020 (PDF) for an illustrated commentary on accessibility requirements in the BC Building Code .

On July 10, 2018, City Council adopted a new Zoning Bylaw, which includes a requirement that 50% of all new apartment units in Port Moody must meet provincial adaptable housing standards.