Street performers, such as jugglers, musicians, dancers, and magicians provide fun and friendly entertainment to visitors and residence in Port Moody. If you would like to share your talents with the public, apply for a street performing permit today!

Apply for a permit

You will need to complete a Street Performer Application. You need to provide a:

  • sample of your performance (audio or video file, YouTube link, or other website)
  • permit fee of $32.50 (cash or cheque made out to the City of Port Moody)

If you are in a performance group, your entire group can apply for one permit as long as each member is listed on the permit application. If you are under the age of 18, you must have a parent or guardian with you when applying for a permit.

We will notify you when your permit application is accepted. This process can take up to three weeks.

Locations and times

Street performance locations and times are not reserved. Performances can take place at the following locations between 10am and 9pm:

Only one performer is allowed to perform at any given location at a time. Rocky Point Park is an exception. Here, we allow three performers (two in the areas between the spray park and the pier, and one in the area by the dog park).

Accepted performances

We welcome a wide variety of street performers, including, but not limited to:

  • musicians
  • dancers
  • actors
  • jugglers
  • magicians
  • sidewalk chalk artists
  • circus and theatre performers

Any performance or artist that provides a service or produces a product is not permitted as a street performer. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • face painters
  • balloon animal artists
  • portrait artists
  • painters
  • psychics
  • crafts people

We also don't allow the use of any sharp or dangerous objects during street performances.

Rules and regulations

You must abide by the following rules and regulations while performing:

  • you must have your permit with you during street performances
  • you can't pressure the public for donations
  • you must have a neat and clean appearance while performing

Please review the Street Performers Program guidelines for a full list of rules and regulations. The Cultural Services Manager or Bylaw Enforcement Officer may revoke your permit if your behaviour is incompatible with the goals of the program.

Are you a visual artist?

For opportunities to produce and display arts and crafts, learn about our Artists in the Park program.