Shadow City is a 3 part series that re-imagines Port Moody as a fantastic city. Each installment is inspired by a different location in Port Moody and incorporates intricately cut paper cut-outs of local scenery. The public is invited to collaborate with the installation and create their own paper contribution and insert it into the landscape. Participants will bring the City to life as they move through the space and cast shadows onto the walls with flashlights creating their own unique environment. The Shadow City Series is conceived by Resident Artist, Sara Graham.

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Frequently asked questions

Is this a free event?
Yes, this is a free drop in event.
How long will this activity take?
Since this is a drop in event, participants can arrive at any time but should plan for about half an hour. The event runs until 8:30pm but participants should arrive no later than 8:00pm to complete their structure and interact with the Ghost Town art project.
I am not sure what to expect, what exactly will our family be doing?
Participants will be led into the art studio where volunteers will guide in making a spooky structure out of paper and a spooky ghost or other character. Once the structure is completed participants will bring their structure into the Appleyard Parlour and place it within the Ghost Town installation and use a flashlight to activate the shadows and bring the town to life.
Can anyone participate?
Yes, anyone is welcomed but this is a family event and all children must be accompanied by a parent.
Is this an all-ages event?
Yes, while the art activity is best suited for kindergarten aged kids or older, preschoolers are welcomed and most likely will require parental help in making their structure.
Do I need to bring a flashlight?
We will have flashlights on hand but for the best results bring your cell phone since the LED flashlights on cell phones work the best.