If your property is located in a Heritage Conservation Area or listed on the City of Port Moody Heritage Register, you may qualify for the Heritage Revitalization Tax Exemption when doing renovations to your building or property.


In order to apply for a Heritage Revitalization Tax Exemption, you need to speak with our staff. Email the Development Services Department or call 604-469-4540. After the consultation, your application must include:

  • a certificate that shows all taxes and fees are paid, or a schedule for payment by instalment
  • a current property assessment notice
  • a description of the eligible improvements
  • a site plan for the proposed project
  • other plans and specification for the project
  • an estimated value of the project (confirmed through the building permit process)
  • the application fee


Your property and renovation must meet certain eligibility requirements in order to be considered for a Heritage Revitalization Tax Exemption. To receive this exemption, your lot must not be receiving other municipal tax exemptions or have property taxes in arrears. The lot must be:

Use the interactive ViewPort map to see if your property is within a heritage conservation area. In the layers legend, ensure you click the checkboxes next to ‘Planning’ and 'Heritage Areas & Properties' sub-layers to turn on/off the visibility of the heritage layers.

Your renovation project also needs to meet the following requirements for you to receive the tax exemption:

  • be consistent with the Official Community Plan
  • preserve the heritage significance of the building
  • renovation costs of $15,000 or greater
  • have a construction value of $100,000 or greater as determined by building permits issued where the project retains the existing principal building
  • must follow the Heritage Conservation Area guidelines


The heritage revitalization tax exemption helps offset the cost of heritage conservation projects and creates an incentive for redevelopment that meets heritage and sustainability guidelines in the city's heritage districts. By making an improvement to your property you will see returns on your investment. The tax exemption is the lesser of:

  • the increase in the assessed value of improvements of the lot between the year before construction starts and the year in which the tax exemption is issued
  • 100% of the municipal share of the property tax due annually in relation to the improvements on the lot for a maximum term of 10 years for Heritage Register properties and five years for all other properties.

Goals of the project

The four main goals of heritage revitalization are to:

  • support the conservation of heritage properties
  • foster revitalization through heritage and cultural awareness
  • increase the economic vitality of the city's designated heritage area
  • enhance quality of life in the city