The City is putting together a virtual Canada Day celebration for 2021. Are you a local performing artist who would like to take part?

We are currently accepting applications from all performing artists who can record a new, short video around the theme "Time With Family" for this year's virtual Canada Day celebration. We're looking for performances that reflect the cultural diversity of our community, and the artists that live here. We are accepting applications for any performance-based art form. 

The City's Cultural Services Department will select up to six performances, and performers will receive an honorarium for creating a new video for our virtual Canada Day celebration. Technical requirements and creative considerations are listed below. Please review prior to submitting your application to ensure you can meet them if you are selected. The deadline for applications is Tuesday, May 11 at 12 pm. 

Fill out the Canada Day Call for Performers Application

Technical requirements
  • Video submission duration will vary between art forms. Musical performances should be roughly 20 - 30 minutes. Dance, theatrical pieces, or forms of spoken word should be 15 - 20 minutes. Submissions that greatly exceed these guidelines may be edited for time;
  • Recordings should be oriented in a widescreen 16:9, landscape format;
  • Recording device should be kept stationary by using a tripod or other device to minimize unwanted motion and autofocus issues;
  • Any performers, guests, or visible members of the public will need to sign a model release form. For this reason, if you are recording in a public space we recommend that you use control measures to prevent others from unintentionally becoming a part of your video;
  • Resolution should be a minimum of 720p and a maximum of 1080p;
  • Acceptable video formats include: .MOV / .MP4 / .AVI / .WMV / 3GPP; and
  • Smartphone video recordings are acceptable.
Creative considerations

We would like you to retain as much creative control over your presentation as possible. A few items to keep in mind:

  • Please don’t feel rushed; if you want to take the time to tell a story, and it adds a few minutes to the overall length, then please don’t let our “time limit” stop you. The times frames provided are flexible, within reason;
  • This year's theme is "Time with Family" and the target audience ranges from 5 years old to 105, literally. Choose performances that mean something to you and celebrate this year’s theme;
  • The imagery used during your presentation does not need to be limited to a camera fixed on you the entire time. If you have video editing capability, feel free to use images, text and other visuals to engage the audience; and
  • We will be adding a short introduction to your video clip in order to maintain our Canada Day branding.
Promotional material

Performers will be asked to submit the following promotional material to help us promote the virtual event and each performance:

  • Artist Bio - approx. 100 words;
  • Artist name(s) as you wish them to appear in for your video introduction (with preferred pronoun);
  • Any applicable links to your social media/website;
  • Promotional image (minimum 480x480 pixels);
  • Track list (no times, just order) and writer/composer for musical submissions; and
  • Title, author, etc for spoken word/ theatrical submissions.
Performer's fees
We will be selecting six performances that reflect the artistic and cultural diversity of our community and the artists that live here. Solo performers will receive a $250 honorarium, while a group of two or more will receive $300.
Important dates

May 11 (Tue) at 12pm PST - Call for Performers applications due

May 13 (Thu) - Performers will be notified by email

May 17 (Mon) - Join us at 7pm for a Q&A meet and greet hosted by Cultural Services via Zoom

May 24 (Mon) at 12pm PST - Performer's promotional material due

June 14 (Mon) at 12pm PST - Performers final video submissions due

July 1 (Thu) - Celebrations go live at

All Canada Day activities will remain live for the month of July


* Please note that If you wish to upload a copy of your video to your own social media platforms, we ask that you wait until at least July 2. Direct links will be made available for to you to share through your personal social media on Canada Day.

Before you complete the Canada Day Call for Performers Application please be sure to read the technical requirements and important dates to ensure that you are able to meet the participation requirements for this year's virtual Canada Day celebration.