In early 2023, the Mayor’s Arts and Business Coalition Task Force (MABCTF) was assembled to identify opportunities and make recommendations to City Council aimed at strengthening Port Moody’s branding as “City of the Arts." The Task Force developed nine recommendations, including the establishment of an arts and business council, and identified seven City-policy related ‘quick wins.’ Some of the nine recommendations can be completed by City staff, and the remaining will be delegated to the new arts and business council. 


 In no set order, the nine recommendations from the Task Force include:

  1. Establish an arts and business council, envisioned to be structured as a nonprofit organization (NPO).
  2. Develop an inventory of indoor and outdoor, public and private spaces that are underutilized and could be repurposed for arts-based uses.
  3. Create a street art program – pavement art, laneway activation, and art initiatives and experiences including temporary installations and projects.
  4. Re-invigorate and review existing events and/or explore creation of new events and festivals (e.g., Festival of the Arts, Wearable Arts, winter festival, Mural Fest).
  5. Collection and distribution of news, updates, events, etc. across the community and partnership building (likely a function of the arts and business council).
  6. Identify the experiences that will define the City of the Arts and tell these stories.  
  7. Leverage emerging development and funding for long-term, permanent supply of arts spaces, initiatives, and experiences, and to invest in public realm improvements and building design.
  8. Encourage use of building colour and other vibrant artistic expressions to facilitate placemaking. The streetscapes, site planning, colour palette, etc. can be a critical basis for creating hubs/vibrancy, attracting certain types of businesses, and other complementary pieces that make up such communities.
  9. Create a program to partner artists with landowners (including the City) to repurpose and reinvigorate existing buildings and public areas into arts spaces.
 Quick wins
 The six City Policy “quick wins” identified by the MABCTF (in no particular order): 
  1. Create a policy to require art panels along development fencing (including City projects).
  2. Review and update the City’s Public Art Policy to align with other City policies and plans.
  3. Review Council’s annual grant distribution to local groups/establish an arts-based community grant program, prioritizing Port Moody-based organizations.
  4. Explore the creation of a program to enable businesses with a valid business licence to use park space at no cost, if class is free.
  5. Explore the creation of a program to allow NPOs and community-based groups to use (civic) space, including parks, for free or at a reduced rate, with preference given to Port Moody-based organizations.
  6. Explore the development of a free or reduced business licence for artists. 

 One additional action was suggested by staff during the meeting:  

  1. Develop a “City of the Arts” logo that can be used by the community without the restrictions of the City’s official logo.

At the October 10, 2023 Regular Meeting (item 11.3), Council approved funding for establishing the arts and business council, and directed staff to develop a public engagement approach, which was subsequently approved in February 2024. In November 2023, the Mayor dissolved the MABCTF and appointed a new Arts and Business Council Project Task Force (ABCPTF) to establish the new arts and business council (Terms of Reference). 

Next steps

The Arts and Business Council Project Task Force will develop and propose to City Council the foundational elements of the new arts and business council, with a goal to report back to Council in summer 2024. The task force will aim to draft a mandate that aligns the arts and business council within the current arts and business community so that it supports and builds on, without duplicating, the work already taking place. A representative group of local organizations, businesses, artists, and committees will be asked to provide input that helps the task force in developing this mandate, as well as the mission and ambition statements. Additionally, the task force will suggest proposed names for the new arts and business council and recommend a founding board to City Council. Once the founding board fully establishes the organization, the arts and business council will transition to an arms-length, not-for-profit organization with an independent board of directors. 

While the scope of responsibilities will be determined by the task force, some typical functions of an arts and business council could include: 

  • connecting arts and business groups and individuals;
  • publicly promoting events, activities, programs;
  • advocacy;
  • relationship building and facilitating partnerships in the community;
  • organizing events;
  • offering programs to support arts and business capacity building and community development;
  • facilitating funding or awards; and
  • fundraising through grants and other sources available to societies to support community initiatives.


If you have questions or comments on the new arts and business council, please fill out our online comment form.

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