Each Port Moody Regular Council meeting begins with a featured art presentation. Local performers and artists can request to showcase their art through the Art at Council program. This gives artists an opportunity to share their work with the public and educates Council on the cultural projects taking place throughout our city. Previous presentations have included paintings, sculptures, photography, film, music, sketches, artifacts, dance, and a variety of other forms of artistic expression.


01-14-20 Art at Council, Arlene Connolly, View from the Edge

January 14, 2020
Arlene Connolly | View from the Edge

View From The Edge is the title of tonight’s Art at Council. It is an acrylic painting by Arlene Connolly. Arlene is a member of the Port Moody Art Association, and this piece will be part of an upcoming exhibition at the Arts Centre titled Sea to Sky opening January 23.

Painting is Arlene’s way of connecting with others. When she creates something it lets others know exactly what she sees and how she feels about the world around her.

The majority of Arlene’s work is inspired by nature and she is always humbled by the beauty and the power of the natural world. She has a passion for detail, shapes, lines and colour with most of her work being rather graphic and stylized. Arlene’s favorite medium is watercolour for smaller work and acrylic for larger pieces, but she also enjoys working with ink and combinations of all three.

The Council video archive can be viewed here. Art at Council begins at the 30 second mark.

01-28-20 Art at Council, StreetArts Community Banners, Trees

January 28, 2020
StreetArts Community Banners | Trees

The City’s StreetArts Banner program is comprised of three components: Community, Student and Artist-designed banners, and tonight’s Art at Council will be a selection of Community banners.

On January 18 and 19, the City of Port Moody hosted the annual Community Banner Painting Sessions in the Galleria. Thirty designed banners and ten duplicate banners were painted over the weekend. The banners painted on Sunday are currently on view in the Galleria, and six of the Saturday banners are presented here tonight.

Every year, the Arts and Culture Committee selects a banner design theme and this year’s theme was Trees.

Thank you to all who participated and your enthusiasm for this fun event!

The Council video archive can be viewed here. Art at Council begins at the 2 minute 50 second mark.

02-11-20 Art at Council, Ioco Imperials Baseball Uniform, Port Moody Station Museum archive

February 11, 2020
Ioco Imperials Baseball Uniform

It feels like spring is just around the corner and for some that means it’s time for baseball and spring training!

Tonight’s Artifact at Council is an Ioco Imperial baseball uniform. The uniform, consisting of a jersey and pants, was donated to the Port Moody Station Museum by Mrs. Pat Hanson, and was worn by her husband, Mr. Frederick (Fred) Hanson Jr.

Ioco was home to one of the province's best baseball teams in the 1920’s. It is known that many men kept their jobs at the refinery based on the fact that they were excellent ball players. The photograph on display tonight is a picture of the 1923 team which were the winners of the BC Senior Baseball Championship. In fact, the Ioco Imperials won the championship twice in the 1920’s.

The front of the jersey has “Imperials” stitched along the front, and “Ioco” down the right sleeve, and there are 3 stars stitched on the back. If you look closely at the jersey you will see the inside tag states “Made in Canada” and has a Spalding logo.

Thank you to the Port Moody Station Museum for providing us with tonight’s Port Moody artifacts.

The Council video archive can be viewed here. Art at Council begins at the 6 minute 9 second mark.

02-25-20 Art at Council, Amal Film Trailer, Port Moody Film Society

February 25, 2020
Amal, Film Trailer, Port Moody Film Society



The Council video archive can be viewed here. Art at Council begins at the TBA second mark.


You can view the Amal film trailer here.

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