Each Port Moody Regular Council meeting begins with a featured art presentation. Local performers and artists can request to showcase their art through the Art at Council program. This gives artists an opportunity to share their work with the public and educates Council on the cultural projects taking place throughout our city. Previous presentations have included paintings, sculptures, photography, film, music, sketches, artifacts, dance, and a variety of other forms of artistic expression.


Jack Prasad, Changing Colours Collection, acrylic

January 9, 2024
Jack Prasad | Changing Colours Collection

Tonight’s Art at Council is an acrylic painting by Jack Prasad. The painting is part of his Changing Colours Collection and has been part of the City’s Private Art Collection since 2010.

Jack, a self-taught artist, discovered his love of art as a young child growing up in the Fiji Islands. Early on he created very intricate pen and ink drawings of classic boats, motorcycles, and cars. After living in Canada for many years and appreciating the beautiful and scenic backdrops of the BC West Coast, his focus changed to forests and the ocean. Jack’s medium of choice is currently watercolour and acrylics. He adds brilliant dimension to his artwork by layering paint, sometimes even using fluorescent paints.

Jack has been part of Port Moody’s arts community for many years. He’s a member of the Port Moody Art Association and has exhibited at the Port Moody Arts Centre numerous times.

Unfortunately, Jack is not here with us this evening, but we are delighted to have this painting on display in City Hall.

The Council video archive can be viewed here. Art at Council begins at the 9 minute 37 second mark.

Melanie Olson, Targeted, mixed media

January 23, 2024
Melanie Olson | Targeted

Melanie Olson is the focus of tonight’s Art at Council, and she is joining us via Zoom. Melanie is a perpetually inquisitive individual, who possesses an unwavering determination to transform her imaginative concepts into tangible realities. Having spent two decades immersed in scientific laboratories throughout Canada, Melanie's insatiable curiosity also led her to explore the boundaries of various art materials. Consequently, she has now evolved into a mixed media artist.

Melanie is sharing a piece titled Targeted, which happens to be the first piece she created for the exhibition of the same name currently on at PoMoArts. Targeted is a body of work that delves into the depths of human emotions, capturing the essence of the devastating aftermath of enduring relentless emotional abuse. She created the series to look back and identify all the little signs so many people in abusive relationships miss. And to share those signs, and remove the shame of it in a big, loud, and overt way.

At this time, I’d like to invite Melanie to say a few words. Welcome Melanie. Thank you for being with us this evening!

The Council video archive can be viewed here. Art at Council begins at the 34 minute 30 second mark.

Sade Alexis, Rosemary Brown, ink and watercolour

February 13, 2024
Sade Alexis | Rosemary Brown

In celebration of Black History Month, POMO Museum is presenting Hope Meets Action: Echoes Through the Black Continuum. The exhibition is written, told and designed by Black voices and reclaims and retells the complicated history of stolen people on stolen land, and how the contributions of Black leaders echo across the centuries into the present.

We are fortunate to have an ink and watercolour painting by Sade Alexis , a Black Woman artist and illustrator. Sade’s work focuses on the ways in which Blackness can be understood and celebrated through art, in all its complexities and intricacies. The subject of her painting is Rosemary Brown, adorned with flowers from her homeland of Jamaica.

Rosemary Brown was born on June 17, 1930 in Kingston, Jamaica and emigrated to Canada in 1951. Rosemary attended Gill University and the University of British Columbia, receiving her BA and Master of Social Work. During this time, she encountered pervasive discrimination which led to her fight for justice for both Black people and minorities across Canada.

In 1972 Rosemary was elected and served as a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) of British Columbia as a member of the New Democratic Party. She was the first Black Canadian woman to be elected to a Canadian provincial legislature. While an MLA she advocated on behalf of the elderly, the disadvantaged, immigrants, people with disabilities, and discrimination based on race or sex. Rosemary served the people of B.C. until 1979 when she retired and became a professor of Women’s Studies at Simon Fraser University. She passed away in Vancouver in 2003.

Throughout her life Rosemary received many awards including the Order of British Columbia in 1995 and was named an Officer of the Order of Canada in 1996.

The exhibition’s Opening Reception is taking place right now, so no one from POMO Museum was able to join us this evening. The show will be on display until April 22, and we invite and encourage everyone to learn more about Rosemary Brown and other Black leaders.

The Council video archive can be viewed here. Art at Council begins at the 10 minute 7 second mark.

Gwynne Halliwell, A Quiet Corner, oil

February 27, 2024
Gwynne Halliwell | A Quiet Corner

A Quiet Corner, painted by Gwynne Halliwell, is a scene from an English Garden in a London suburb. It is painted in oil and the City purchased it as part of its art collection in 1999.

Gwynne emigrated with her family from England to Ontario in 1966 and moved to B.C. in 1984. Gwynne had a great love of nature and was a talented artist who began painting in 1980 at nearly 60 years of age. She painted mostly landscapes and generally in oils. Her many beautiful paintings grace private homes and areas throughout the Lower Mainland.

She was a resident of Port Moody and a member of the Port Moody Art Association for over 30 years, leaving the group only a few years before she passed away in 2016 at age 95. A number of her paintings were sold at the annual Port Moody Art Association Show depicting B.C. landscapes and English gardens.

We are delighted to share Gwynne’s painting with everyone this evening.

The Council video archive can be viewed here. Art at Council begins at the 44 minute 37 second mark.

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