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Calendar Review

Film Night | Locke
presented by the Port Moody Film Society
LockeIvan Locke is a construction manager who is just about to complete the biggest job of his career. Out of the blue a phone call turns his life upside down and he drives for almost ninety minutes making call after call, to everyone important in his life, advising, directing, explaining, comforting, anguishing, as he tries to completely rearrange his life. Filmed almost entirely in a car, with the camera focussed tight on Tom Hardy’s face, the film captures the psychological turmoil of a man without using special effects, fancy camera work, huge casts or exotic locations. It is, as been said, pure cinema; a man in front of a camera. The film lasts for 85 minutes; exactly how long it takes him to drive from his old life to his new one.

Drama | UK | Rated R | 85 minutes

View the trailer for Locke here

At the door, Member Admission $5, Membership $5 a year.