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Application for Exemption from Solar Ready Regulation
All single family homes built in the City of Port Moody arel be required to follow the Province of British Columbia regulations to be “Solar Ready”. These requirements are to accommodate the installation of solar powered heating in the future.

For Building Permit application requirements please note the following on the plans:

1. A designated area of not less than 9.3 square meters (100 square feet) highlighted on the roof framing plan.

a. This area must have southern exposure, and
b. may not have a dimension less than 2.7 meters (8’-10”).

2. A note from the Structural Engineer confirming the structure will support the addition anticipated load for the solar collectors not less than 0.24 kPa (5 sq. ft.).

3. A note indicating at least two continuous conduits will be installed from the building’s service water heater to an accessible attic space adjacent to the designated roof area proposed.

For more specific requirements please visit the province of British Columbia’s website

Some building sites within the City of Port Moody may not accommodate the requirements for the installation of solar domestic hot water heating. If this is the case for your property please complete the Application for Exemption from Solar Ready Regulation form located on the back of this form.
Applicant Information
Owner's Name:
Building Permit No:
Reason for exemption request (i.e.: shade from other structures, land or trees, or site is on a north slope)

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