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Art at Council May 26, 2015 - Father/daughter artist duo Dennis & Sarah Ronald
Posted Date: May 27, 2015
Dennis Ronald and Sarah Ronald are a father/daughter artist duo whose work is currently on display at the Port Moody Arts Centre in an exhibition called Hereditary Conversations (exhibition runs May 21 through June 21). The exhibition is made up of 4 collaborative pieces and 9 sets of paintings that clearly exemplify how individual interpretations and perceptions can vary greatly, even in instances where two people have experienced something simultaneously.
Art at Council 05-26-15 Dennis Ronald Minnekhada Park
  Art at Council 05-26-15 Sarah Ronald Bear Dreams of Spring
Artist Statement | Dennis Ronald
Minnekhada Park
Minnekhada Regional Park, Coquitlam

It was the final day of my visit and Sarah and I were headed to a park I had never been before. To me, it seemed like the perfect day. A little cool and crisp but in the air was a promise of a warm and bright sunny day. We were early enough in the morning to catch the hoar frost still clinging to the grasses in the shaded area and a thin crust of ice still covered the ponds and shallow water. Looking across the pond, and in the distance, sunlight angled through the trees and lit on the shrubs growing on the bank and bathed them in warmth. It seemed like a promise of what was to come. The contrast between the distant warmth and the present cool, crispness was what appealed to me in this painting.
  Artist Statement | Sarah Ronald
Bear Dreams of Spring
Minnekhada Regional Park, Coquitlam

I’ve visited Minnekhada Regional Park in every season, and am astutely aware of the wildlife in the area as I have seen bears with cubs on multiple occasions and have heard multiple accounts from others I’ve talked to while at the park.

My dad and I went to Minnekhada one winter morning and were stunned by the contrasting colours of the frost covered grasses, the black-blue frozen ponds, and the vibrant orange-red fields highlighted by the sun passing over the tree tops . My photographs from that winter visit are surreal and were the inspiration for this piece.
You can watch the Regular Meeting of Council in the window below. Art at Council begins at the the 20 second mark of the video.