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Emergencies can come without warning at any time. Being prepared is the best way to handle unexpected incidents and disasters. The information in the Disaster Response Plan is intended to cover most emergencies.

The City of Port Moody’s Disaster Response Plan has been designed to assist the city in the protection of life and property in the event of an earthquake, fire, explosion, or other emergency requiring a coordinated response to assist the injured, protect property and restore the city to normal operations.

This Disaster Response Plan provides a basic contingency plan for Municipal Administrators and supervisors in the event of municipal emergencies. While this plan does not cover every conceivable situation, it does supply the basic guidelines necessary to cope with most emergencies.

The policies and procedures described herein are expected to be followed by all personnel whose responsibilities and authority cover the operational procedures found in the Disaster Response Plan. It is also noted that there could be many unpredictable factors and this plan should be taken as a guide. Emergency operations will be conducted using the guidelines in this manual. Any exceptions to these emergency response procedures will be conducted by, or with the approval of, Civic Administrators directing and/or coordinating the emergency operations. All requests for procedural changes, suggestions, or recommendations will be submitted in writing to the City Manager.


The City of Port Moody Disaster Response Plan (DRP) addresses the entire spectrum of contingencies, ranging from relatively minor incidents to large scale disasters such as an earthquake. Some emergencies will be preceded by a buildup or warning period. The buildup or warning period can provide sufficient time to warn civic staff and visitors and implement mitigation measures designed to reduce loss of life, property damage, and effects on the environment. Other emergencies occur with little or no advance warning, thus requiring immediate activation of the emergency operations plan and efficient and coordinated mobilization and deployment of resources. All civic staff must be prepared to promptly and effectively respond to any foreseeable emergency, taking all appropriate immediate response actions to including requesting and providing mutual aid.

The City of Port Moody Disaster Response Plan does not address normal day-to-day emergencies or the well-established and routine procedures used in coping with such emergencies. Instead, the operational concepts reflected in the plan focus on potential large-scale disasters which can generate unique situations requiring unusual emergency responses.

The Disaster Response Plan is a preparedness document - designed to be read, understood, and exercised prior to an emergency.

The City of Port Moody Disaster Response Plan is designed to be consistent with the British Columbia Emergency Response Management System (BCERMS).

  • Supports the Incident Command System utilized by field responders
  • Provides Emergency Operations Center (EOC) staff with procedures, documentation, and user-friendly Checklists to effectively manage and coordinate emergency response
  • Provides detailed information in supplemental requirements such as Public Information and Damage Assessment

Emergency Management Goals

The City of Port Moody Disaster Response Plan is aligned with the City Councils Strategic Plan Goals of Excellence in Service Delivery and in Planning for the Future. The plan also provides for service reliability and a safe community which meets a component of staff’s Team Action Plan which key strategies are:

  • Prepare for catastrophic events
  • Minimize disruptions to municipal services provided
  • Enhance community safety


  • The City of Port Moody is primarily responsible for emergency actions and will commit all available resources to save lives, minimize injury to persons, and minimize damage to municipal property.
  • The City of Port Moody will utilize the Incident Command System (ICS) and structure in the municipal EOC and in field response operations.
  • The City of Port Moody City Manager (or designate), serving as the EOC Director, will manage and coordinate disaster response processes in conformance with Municipal, Provincial and Federal laws, regulations and guidelines..
    • Mutual aid assistance will be requested when disaster relief requirements exceed the City of Port Moody’s ability to respond.

The management of the City of Port Moody’s Disaster Response Plan, is an on-going effort and is the responsibility of the city Emergency Program Officer

Due to the dynamic nature of emergency planning, the City of Port Moody Disaster Response Plan must constantly evolve to keep pace with the changes in the City of Port Moody. The Disaster Response Plan will be reviewed annually by the Emergency Program Officer.

Activation of the Emergency Operations Centre

The Disaster Response Plan identifies situations in which the municipal EOC may or should be activated. This authority is established by the city’s Emergency Bylaw which provides legal empowering authority of the City Manager or designate for EOC activation and the support for emergency response.

Automatic EOC activation should normally occur when:

  • The safety and/or security of residents, visitors, or staff of the city is in peril
  • Significant municipal facilities are in peril
  • The province or neighboring municipalities activates their EOC and requests significant mutual aid resource support (such as establishing an ESS Care and Shelter Facility) from the City of Port Moody
  • The Premier has proclaimed a State of Emergency in an area which includes the City of Port Moody

Guidelines for Declaring a Local State of Emergency

Disaster Response Plan

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