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In order to for the City of Port Moody to provide the level of services on which the community relies, sometimes employees need to work extra hours. While this is a necessary cost for the City, it’s a cost which we must manage carefully. We believe that we’re doing just that, and we’re sharing our progress with you.

Overtime Across Years

The Total Overtime Expenses chart shows the amount that the City paid to all employees who still work with the City. At this time, our reporting system is unable to include those employees who no longer work with the organization.

The hourly rates we’ve used for the charts do not include benefits, capital costs and other overhead costs. We will be reporting those expenses in the future. In addition, Port Moody Police Department operates with a budget that is distinct from other City departments, so the report does not include Police department expenses. Finally, we haven’t included statutory holiday pay for Firefighters and Fire Rescue staff. The Fire Rescue Department must remain staffed at all times so overtime on these days is unavoidable.

Total overtime expenditures 2006-2013



All Charts

Knowing how much we spent on overtime is helpful, but knowing where we spent it is even more informative. By breaking down our last four years of overtime costs by department, we can show the nature and need for these expenses.

The large number in the centre of each circular chart is the total amount of overtime amounts as described above. The circle’s circumference represents the City’s entire overtime expenditure for that year. The lines wrapping around each circle show the percentage that each department spent - the largest for each year being Engineering & Parks and Fire Rescue.

Overtime for the Engineering & Parks department was largely due to the responsive nature of their work which is necessary to keep City services operating at normal levels. While for Fire Rescue, maintaining staffing levels is essential therefore, staff regularly need to work overtime hours.

2013 Overtime

2012 Overtime

 2011 Overtime

2010 Overtime

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