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During an emergency, it may become necessary to turn off your utilities at your home. Post disaster fires can be caused by damaged electrical and gas lines and appliances. Turning off the gas and electricity before a potential disaster helps to prevent damage to the structure and rescue personnel.


  1. Know where your home's main electric switch is. It may be a pull handle or it may be very large circuit breakers inside the panel box. These allow you to turn off the electric supply to your entire home quickly in case of an emergency.
  2. Know where your fuse box or circuit-breaker box is located.
    o Know the correct sizes of any fuses needed in your home and keep spares on hand.
    o Blown fuses must be replaced, not repaired.
    o Do not replace a fuse with one of higher amperage.
    o If a fuse blows, disconnect or turn off the appliance(s) that may have caused the problem.
    o Shut off the main electric switch before replacing a fuse.
  3. Know how to reset a circuit breaker. After turning off or unplugging appliances on the circuit, push the switch firmly to the off position, then back on. If the overload is cleared, the electricity will come back on. If your circuit breakers trip off repeatedly, there could be a problem with the appliance(s) on that circuit. If the appliances are unplugged but the circuit breaker trips off again, call an electrician.
Last updated: 23/01/2014 10:26:56 AM