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Who and how do I report damage caused by snow ploughs?
Refer to the and attach the Property Damage Information brochure (if possible)

When should we expect our street to be ploughed? 
See our priority route information page.

Does the city clear sidewalk snow?
Read our sidewalk maintenance bylaw.
Sidewalks and walkways are only maintained during 7:00am – 3:30pm on week days - view a map of priority sidewalk routes

Who do I call for after hours concerns and questions?
Contact information page.

Why can’t the city remove snow they put in my driveway?
When you consider the large number of driveways within the City, it becomes costly and time consuming to use additional staff and equipment to provide this service.
Remember when shoveling your driveway to pile the snow to the left of the driveway (facing the property), this will give you a better line of vision of the approaching traffic and when plows go by, we will not drag piles back into your driveway entrance.

How can the public assist during snow events?
Do not place snow from private property onto the road or sidewalk.
During or following snow events, park your car off the street if possible.

What equipment is used for snow and ice control?
One - 5 ton dump truck equipped with sander, plow and liquid anti ice (brine) tank
Two - 3 ton dump trucks equipped with sander and snow plow
Four - 1 ton dump trucks equipped with sander and snow plow
Two – Backhoes
One – Bobcat
Miscellaneous sidewalk equipment

Why not plow snow to the center of the road, away from sidewalks and driveways?
Plowing snow to the centre of the road is called windrowing. The city does not use this method because:

  • Windrowing down the centre of the road blocks left hand turns at many points.
  • As the size of the windrow increases, it encroaches into the traveled lanes. If the snow persists , it would eliminate parking at the side of the road.
  • Eventually, windrows would have to be removed, increasing snow control costs and decreasing the programs snow plowing productivity.

Where can I make suggestions on snow and ice control?
You can email our Works Yard.

Does the city remove or haul snow?
Snow is only hauled or removed in extreme circumstance or when safety to the public is a concern.

Will solid waste collection be affected during snow events?
Read our solid waste collection during snow and ice conditions page.

Last updated: 11/12/2017 9:57:05 AM