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View our current roadwork locations below:



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Find out more about Port Moody's road network. Read Port Moody's Paved Road Network Condition Assessment     

Newport Drive Crosswalk Improvements Project
Weather permitting, construction of the Newport Drive Crosswalk Improvements Project is scheduled to start February 25 and is expected to take about six weeks to complete.
Construction will include installation of three raised crosswalks, a rainbow crosswalk, curb extensions, and catch basins. During construction, there may be disruption to traffic along Newport Drive, including times when traffic will be reduced to a single lane of alternating traffic. There will be restrictions to parking adjacent to active work areas and shoppers are encouraged to use underground parking options. Construction work hours will be 7am to 8pm Monday through Friday, and 8am to 5pm on Saturdays.

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St. George Street: Storm Sewer Work
Storm sewer work will be taking place along St. George Street, from Moody Street to Grant Street, between April 8 and May 7. This work will require partial lane closure and, on April 8, a one-day closure of the intersection at St. George Street and Grant Street. Traffic control personnel will be on site to assist vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Work will be between 9am - 3pm.

Ioco Road – Excavating
Builders are excavating for new home development on Ioco Road between Dowding Road and Miner Lane. Weather permitting, this work is scheduled for April 17 – May 24 between 9am-4pm. This activity will intermittently require single lane closures and traffic may be reduced to an alternating single lane.

Alderside Road: Residential Construction
Due to ongoing residential construction, there will be activities such as loading and unloading of materials from delivery trucks and pouring concrete on Alderside Road. These activities will intermittently require single lane closures.

FortisBC Gas Line Upgrades in Coquitlam: Como Lake Avenue
FortisBC is upgrading a natural gas line between Coquitlam and Burnaby starting March 2019. No construction will take place in Port Moody. However, staggered lane closures on Como Lake Avenue in Coquitlam may affect travel times to and from Port Moody as well as increase the traffic on Port Moody streets. Find out more at

Albert Street Sewer Upgrade
Metro Vancouver is upgrading the sewer along Seaforth Way, Clarke Road, and Spring Street starting in summer 2019.  Phase one of the project will take approximately four months and impacts may include traffic delays and road closures, parking restrictions, and temporary property access restrictions for residents. More information will be provided closer to the start of construction. Additional information on this project can also be found at (search "Albert Street Sewer Upgrade").


Gatensbury Road Improvement Project

Gatensbury Road - Curb InstallUpdate – April 11, 2019: Electrical and retaining wall work is ongoing with conduit and street light base installations. As weather allows, work continues with paving and concrete work, including medians, driveway rehabilitation and the multi-use pathway.

The City of Port Moody started road and utility works on Gatensbury Road in October 2018. Improvements include a new multi-use pathway on the west side of the road, median concrete dividers on curved sections, better sight lines for drivers, and enhanced street lighting. This investment in our infrastructure will improve safety for drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians, and help us ensure consistent and safe operations of the utilities that serve our residents.

Gatensbury Road from Grant Street to Bartlett Avenue is closed (24 hours a day, seven days a week) to all vehicle traffic (except for local resident traffic) for road reconstruction and utility work between October 2018 and May 2019. Only residents with a City pass visually displayed in their vehicle will be allowed to proceed to their destination. For the duration of the construction period, commuters are asked to use an alternative route to reach their destination.

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Watermain Flushing
The City of Port Moody is flushing watermains in the Dewdney/Town Centre neighbourhood starting March 4. The work will take about eight weeks to complete.

You may experience temporary discolouration, pressure fluctuations and sediment in the water reaching your home or business. If this occurs, run cold water in the bath tub until it clears up. These conditions should only happen for a short time and do not pose a health hazard. City staff will try to minimize any inconvenience. For more information, call Operations at 604.469.4574. 




Aragon – Platform Development - Moody & Clarke St.
The platform development by Aragon is located at the corner of Moody Street and Clarke Street and is currently under construction. As part of this development there will be utility upgrades along Clarke Street including the upgrade of a storm sewer from Grant Street to Moody Street which will require temporary and even full lane closures. The Engineering Department is working with the developer to help minimize the effects of the closures on residents.

Current Highway Use
The site is currently undergoing the excavation phase and impacts to local vehicle/pedestrian traffic will be limited to construction vehicles entering and exiting the site.  


Marcon – George Development
The George development by Marcon is located between Williams Street and Buller Street and is currently under construction. As part of this development there will be utility upgrades along St George Street, Hope Street and Williams Street which will require temporary and even full lane closures. The Engineering Department is working with the developer to help minimize the effects of the closures on residents.

Current Closures
Williams Street/St George Street – Crews will be working on upgrading the sanitary sewer along Williams Street from St Johns Street, then from Williams Street east along St George Street to behind the Police Station. This work will require lane closures, however, traffic control persons will be on site to assist vehicular and pedestrian movement.

Future Closures
St George Street - As part of this development a portion of Dallas Creek, between Hope Street and St Andrews Street, will see significant upgrades, including the installation of a new culvert crossing under St George Street. In order to facilitate this upgrade, St George Street will need to be closed to through traffic from Buller Street and Williams Street. Drivers will be directed to Henry Street or St Johns.


Onni – Parcel D - Brew St. & Suter Brook Creek
Onni’s newest development is located between Brew Street and Suterbrook Creek on the south side of Capilano Road. The majority of the off-site works has already been completed through previous Suterbrook developments so impacts to the surrounding road network should be limited to construction traffic once the shoring and excavation stage of the development is complete.

Current Highway Use
In order to facilitate the construction of the foundation, the western exit from Ioco Road onto Capilano Road will be closed until the shoring is complete. This process is expected to last until December/January. Vehicles and pedestrians will still be able to exit Suterbrook Village east from Capilano Road and Brew Street. In addition to the previously mentioned closure, the parking spaces located along the southern curb lane of Capilano Road will also be closed to local traffic.  

Last updated: 17/04/2019 2:07:38 PM