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Advisory Design Panel

The primary role of the Advisory Design Panel (ADP) is to advise the General Manager of Development Services and City Council on design elements of development applications under review by the City. The Panel is made up of nine members, including:

  • two architects;
  • one landscape architect;
  • one engineer;
  • one representative from the business community;
  • one representative from the construction industry;
  • one representative with a background in arts and culture;
  • one representative with an environmental background; and
  • one representative from Port Moody Police Department.
  • one representative with mobility challenges

The ADP typically meets on the first Thursday of the month at 7:00pm. More details on the ADP process can be found in the Terms of Reference.

Applicant Information
All applications for Rezoning, Development Permit and Heritage Alteration Permits are required to be referred to the ADP as part of the review process. The stage at which this happens for Rezoning and Development Permit/Heritage Alteration Permit can be seen in the flow charts. It should be noted that where an application involves a Rezoning application that would ultimately be followed by a Development Permit and/or Heritage Alteration Permit an application would be expected only to appear before the Panel once, at the Rezoning stage.

An applicant will be advised by staff when their application is ready to proceed to the ADP. 10 days prior to the meeting an applicant is required to provide to staff electronic versions of all relevant drawings and information, in order for it to be included with the meeting agenda package.

An applicant and associated project professionals (e.g. architect and landscape architect) are required to appear before the Panel and make a short, no more than ten minute, presentation of the development proposal. Panel members shall then have an opportunity to ask questions and seek clarification from the applicant and City staff. The Panel will then pass a motion in relation to the applications. The motion would typically either, endorse the project with no conditions; endorse the proposal with conditions; or recommend the applicant consider aspects of their proposal before appearing before the Panel at a subsequent meeting. Following the meeting, the applicant will be provided with a written version of the recommendations of the Panel.

ADP Review will be based on, but not limited to, the following considerations:

a) Neighbourhood context – the impact on adjacent buildings, streets and land uses;
b) Site Planning – topography of the site; daylight, shadowing, overlook and privacy issues; lot coverage; setbacks; provision of parking/loading; site access and permeability; and adherence to CPTED principles;
c) Streetscape – contribution to and quality of the public realm; and building/street interface and transition;
d) Building Design – Massing, articulation, character, height and proportionality; quality of materials; accessibility; roof forms; sustainability features etc.;
e) Landscaping – extent of hard versus soft landscaping; suitability of proposed planting, irrigation strategy; and accommodation of outdoor amenity areas;
f) Environment – impact of development upon natural elements, including topography, steep slopes, ravines, watercourses and tree retention; and
g) Environmental Sustainability – assessing the use of sustainable construction.


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