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City of Port Moody City Manager Kevin Ramsay explains the Open Data Initiative

TAP Overview
In May 2012 the City of Port Moody’s City Council released a strategic plan identifying five areas crucial to achieving their vision for this vibrant waterfront city. These five pillars focused on informing and engaging the community, providing excellent service, planning for the future, advancing economic and tourism development, and nurturing our already strong sense of community. City staff, under the leadership of the City Manager, worked together to develop the Port Moody Team Action Plan. The plan is a set of action items and achievable timelines for carrying out Council’s strategies.

Through significant research and consultation each department has compiled detailed work plans. These plans are precise enough to now provide for meaningful progress to be made while still allowing for dynamic response to situations which are impacting us now or that may do so in the future. Furthermore, by holding staff leaders accountable for each individual task and providing a platform for progress tracking, stakeholders are able to see where staff is meeting Council’s goals or where they are falling short. With the Team Action Plan as our roadmap, the organization has the framework to see a transformation in the way the City delivers government services and how we continue to empower and inform our community.

Further Explanation
The Team Action Plan organizes Council’s Strategic Plan into a dynamic list of actionable items known as tasks. Each task is an achievable undertaking that, alone or jointly alongside other tasks, is selected in order to accomplish one of Council’s strategic priorities. More information on Council’s Strategic Plan is available here

The Team Action Plan Dashboard is a way for city staff to report to stakeholders how we are performing towards accomplishing the goals set out by Council. In the following charts we track a number of different elements of our performance: progress on current tasks, progress on all tasks, and the risks of completion for tasks.

  • open governmentLow Risk - Green 
    • A task is considered “low risk” if the task is within the scheduled timeframe
  • Medium Risk - Orange 
    • A task is considered “medium risk” if the task is narrowly within the scheduled timeframe
  • High Risk - Red 
    • A task is considered “high risk” if the task is unlikely to be completed within the scheduled timeframe

Metrics Overview
The City of Port Moody recognizes that government services must continually seek innovative ways to encourage community participation. With the recent creation of the Port Moody Team Action Plan and a prevailing corporate environment emphasizing accountability, the City is exploring new means of recording how we’re doing and letting the public know.

We’ve recently implemented a widespread benchmarking initiative. Each department has indentified key data sets with the hopes of sharing ideas and synergies between related services. By tracking these key performance indicators (KPIs) over time, the organization, as well as the community, can easily access information necessary for optimizing our performance and our policies.

The initiative covers measurements in numerous areas that are meaningful to the citizens of Port Moody. Phase 1 of the KPIs will target areas such as development applications granted; building permits granted; metres of pipe replaced; tonnes of solid waste picked up; fires responded to; staff overtime expensed; and sick days taken. We’ll be comparing these metrics both internally and externally to assure that Port Moody remains on top of local government best practices. We hope that by holding ourselves accountable and asking that the public does the same, we at the organization will encourage increased feedback and uphold the City of Port Moody’s commitment to exceptional service.

Last updated: 13/03/2014 3:38:08 PM