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Changing your address

We need your correct address in order to mail a tax notice to you. If you move, or if the address to which your tax notice should be mailed has changed, notify the BC Assessment Authority online here  or by phone at 1.866.825.8322.

Unless a new address is provided, we will rely on address (and ownership) records of the Land Title Office, provided to us by the BC Assessment Authority.

It is your responsibility to enquire if you don't receive your property tax notice by the middle of June.

Name change

Any changes to the ownership of a property, including name changes, should be filed with the Land Registry Office at:

Land Title and Survey Authority of British Columbia
Vancouver / New Westminster Land Title Districts
Anvil Centre Office Tower
Suite 500 - 11 Eighth Street
New Westminster, British Columbia

New homeowners

When you buy a property, you become liable for all outstanding taxes. You can't claim the home owner grant on the property in the year you buy it if the seller paid the taxes in full and did not claim the grant, or if you already claimed a grant on another property.
Last updated: 13/09/2018 2:55:07 PM