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Goal: Balance user pay vs. Subsidy

Objective: Balanced approach to user pay vs. subsidies.

Action Items:

Þ      Review Fees and Charges Bylaw on an annual basis to ensure that user pay and subsidy rates are balanced.

Relevant Pillars: economic sustainabilitysocial sustainability


Goal: Explore self-sufficiency through local energy generation

Objective: Install a district energy system or other renewable energy project by 2020

Action Items:

Þ      Review opportunities for district energy systems as part of larger developments and within areas expected to experience significant redevelopment.

Relevant Pillars:economic sustainabilityenvironmental sustainabiliitysocial sustainability


Goal: Identify and adopt revenue opportunities for city facilities and programs

Objective: Increase revenue from City facility rentals and programs.

Action Items:

Þ      Review Fees and Charges Bylaw on an annual basis to ensure rates for facility rentals and programs are market based.

Þ      Develop effective marketing programs for City facility use.

Relevant Pillars: economic sustainabilityenvironmental sustainabiliitysocial sustainabilitycultural sustainability


Goal: Identify cost recovery options e.g. development cost charges

Objective: Development cost charges and other fees recover full costs

Action Items:

Þ      Review development cost charges and other fees on a regular basis to ensure full cost recovery.

Relevant Pillars: economic sustainability


Goal: Maximize return on investments

Objective: City funds and reserves are invested for terms that provide the greatest return on investment (ROI), taking into consideration the City’s cash flow needs for operations and capital projects. 

Action Items:

Þ      Invest excess funds in short and long term market instruments, in accordance with the City’s Investment Policy.

Relevant Pillars: economic sustainability

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