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Community Economic Sustainability

Goal: Encourage economic hubs for service provision efficiency and economic growth

Objective: Establish economic hubs to create a climate for efficient service provision and economic growth.

Action Items

Þ      Update the commercial gap analysis every five years.

Þ      Participate in development review of mixed use proposals.

Relevant Pillars: economic sustainabilitysocial sustainability


Goal: Encourage job creation opportunities in developments

Objective: Encourage developments applications which include opportunities for job creation

Action Items

Þ      Promote Port Moody in suitable publications (Canadian Business, BC Business, Business in Vancouver, etc.)

Þ      Estimate job creation counts for each development proposal as part of the sustainability checklist project review

Relevant Pillars:economic sustainabilitysocial sustainability


Goal: Encourage revitalization to attract investment

Objective: Increase the number of revitalization projects

Action Items:

Þ      Explore fostering heritage revitalization through legislative tools and incentive programs.

Relevant Pillars: economic sustainabilitysocial sustainability


Goal: Leverage culture as economic driver

Objective: Support the cultural sector to contribute to the economic vitality of Port Moody.

Action Items:

Þ      Collect statistics as to the economic contribution of the cultural sector.

Þ      Propose an initiative to monitor the increase and decrease of cultural businesses in the city.

Þ      Encourage coffee shops, banks, and retailers to display visual/exhibited art and incorporate performance art in their establishments

Þ      Continue to support festivals and events that bring tourism dollars into the community.

Þ      Encourage the private sector to sponsor cultural events that bring revenue and business opportunities into the community

Relevant Pillars: economic sustainabilitycultural sustainability


Goal: Maintain a diversified tax base.

Objective: Encourage a range of land uses that support a diversified tax base

Action Items

Þ      Encourage the incorporation of non-residential uses in all suitable developments

Relevant Pillars: economic sustainabilitysocial sustainability


Goal: Press for municipal share of taxation of economic growth

Objective: Advocate for legislation that allows municipalities to share a portion of tax revenue derived from economic growth.

Action Items

Þ      Partner with other municipalities in the region through UBCM, FCM, Metro Vancouver committees, and other professional organizations to raise awareness of the inequities of the municipal taxation system and achieve a share of the financial benefit of economic growth

Objective: Legislation allows municipalities to share a portion of tax revenue derived from economic growth.

Action Items

Þ      Lobby against the port properties tax cap

Relevant Pillars:economic sustainability

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